Maksim Dark returns to his spiritual home of Senso Sounds – Oliver Huntemann’s much touted imprint for his tougher, technoid leanings. Maksim, born in Serov, Russia, has created an indelible impression over the course of his young career, and ‘Movement’ is clearly the next step on his road to very great things. ‘Attack Disco’ is true to form – a lean, mean and tough to the bone piece of techno with a driving, powerful edge. Growling, snarling synths sound like shards of metal ripping through the groove producing an intense vibe. ‘Coordinate’ is a notch more reserved, but builds a killer, hypnotic groove through stripped back elements, before Maksims off-kilter sound design provides the trippy topping. The title track ‘Movement’ fits its name – the track bursts with energy and atmosphere, propelled by a thick, tactile rhythm and pitched down, demonic vocal by the man himself.