The dynamic narrative of classic song structures, fused with the magic monotony of a banging four-on-the-floor kickdrum: Barely
anyone excelled in this art more than Andy’s Echo recently.

The highly innovative and thoroughly irresistible approach of the, Hamburg based producer incorporates full-bodied basslines, delicate singer-songwriter melancholy, rousing guitar licks, catchy pop,fragments and the deeply psychedelic potentials of electronic sound synthesis.

His new track Another Lover is lodged firmly at the, heart of the dancefloor. The breezy summer vibes and sensual house groove of the original work also beautifully in a social,balcony setting or as a stimulating, life-affirming soundtrack for the first coffee of the day. The extended versions, with or without,vocals, are meant for serious party action. Speaking of: For the track Monkee, Andy’s Echo teamed up with the Indietronic duo, Propellar and created an intensely melodic, trancy, rolling and kicking piece of peak time material.