Tresor: True Stories is the first printed excavation of Tresor’s legendary history.

Digging deeply into its rich archives, the venerable institution has unearthed countless treasures from its over three-decade old history. Over 400 never before seen photographs, flyers, faxes and other artefacts illustrate a story that intersects with the most important social and musical trend in the modern history of Berlin.

The story is told with the voices of those that were there – over 40 protagonists share their first-hand reminiscences of the ‘big bang’ that launched techno into the world. Through the story of Tresor, the book charts the heady days of 80s West Berlin through to the explosion of new energy that midwifed in the new social reality of reunified Germany. This is a unique and essential printed monument to the institution that changed electronic music forever, and the city that allowed it to exist.

Shipping out on or around September 9, 2022 Including 400+ exclusive photographs by: Gustav Volker Horst, Marie Staggat, Oliver Wia, Susanne Deeken, Tilman Brembs, Wolfgang Brückner
+ many more

Set to ship on or around September 9th, Tresor: True Stories can be pre-ordered now.