No one hears any sound the same way. Every emotional and intellectual response to a song is a tangled network of deep-seated memories and social pressures.

The most banal hook can inexplicably reduce someone to tears, while a passionate crescendo might be deflected off an impenetrable shield of self-seriousness. A pealing lead atop a thunderous kick might be instantly triggering for one dancer, while another is having their future emotional response to music shaped in that very moment. With the first release on his new, pointedly titled label Disco Inferno, I Hate Models teases the possibility of inspiring moments of intense, soul-wrenching nostalgia in one listener, and blasting open new neural pathways to profound sentiment in another.

We are but vessels for a complex system Impressions patched into emotions Memories modulating perceptions Sensations ensnared by passions. From the intellectual centre our spirit flirts with heaven, But in our instinctive body, we’re forever skirting hell, This must mean something to someone else. What lies, outside the subjective self? [Disco Inferno]