Hey Adam, great to have you with us again! How have things been for you since we last spoke?
Hey guys, things are going great! This year feels like a rollercoaster! I’m constantly trying to split my time on producing music (for next year) but also push the limits as a DJ and find new music I can relate to. I’ve been visiting a lot of new countries and it’s always exciting to play for different crowds and see their reaction. It keeps me inspired and also has a huge effect on my music selection which is constantly changing.

When we last spoke, we were pleased to hear you explain how the music scene in Israel is thriving following the setbacks of the pandemic. Is this still the case?
Yes it is, there are lots of new artists who keep showing up with fresh music. I think it’s great that the main focus is around music production and not just social media which sometimes feel like the main thing these days. Israeli artists deserve more attention abroad, hopefully that will happen in the next following years.

We’re excited to be speaking with you around your latest release, the ‘High On’ EP on Crosstown Rebels alongside Mita Gami. Congrats on this one. What was the inspiration behind this release?
These two tracks are special for us. Both were just great ideas that we were stuck on and didn’t finish, so we left them for a while and then came back with a fresh view. First, there was ‘Night Shift,’ a melodic track that fits perfectly when we want to hypnotize the dancefloor and bring them together. Then there was ‘High On,’ which is a peak time track for when we wanna go harder and deeper.”

How did the EP come to find its home on Damian Lazarus’ imprint?
Damian has been supporting our music for the last few years. I’m always happy to share our new demos and ideas with him, so he can test them and give me honest feedback. We shared the tracks just a few days before Day Zero, the crowd reaction was insane for both tracks so a few days after we agreed to make it an EP.

Yourself and fellow countryman Mita Gami have been frequent collaborators in recent years. We’d love to hear the backstory of how you first began working together?
We both started producing at the same time around a few years ago, we sat down in the studio trying to make something new, then ‘Mango’ was born. When we collaborate we always just try to have fun and let each other bring his own ideas to life, but of course it’s not always easy, there are lot’s of collaborations that end up in the trash.

What’s your creative process like when working with Mita Gami?
There is a different process each time, but usually I’m more into the groove and overall flow of the track, when I’m stuck on writing melodies Mita Gami can help as he is a great pianist. When we finish the track it usually takes like 2-5 versions until the track is done and sounds exactly as we want it to be.

Thanks a lot for chatting with us Adam. To round off, is there anything else on the way from yourself that we should keep an eye out for?
There are a few remixes coming out soon that I’m super proud of, also Mayan Warrior DJ set at Burning Man was very special for both me and Mita Gami, playing lots of classics and private edits we’ve done. Can’t wait to share it with the world very soon!