A core artist of Israel’s ever-expanding music scene, Adam Ten has delivered standout releases in recent years on the likes of Diynamic, Rebellion, REALM and more. In 2021, Adam launched his own label by the name of Maccabi House and now he is set to deliver his first EP on the imprint, marking the eighth release on Maccabi. With his ’15 Days’ EP approaching, we caught up with Adam to find out more about it, enjoy!

Hello Adam! How are you? Whereabouts are you speaking to us from right now?
Hello guys! All is well, I’ve just back to my home in Tel-Aviv city after playing (and raving) in Pavoia festival, located on the wild forest of Poland. It was my first time and definitely not the last!

How is the nightlife scene doing there following the effects of the pandemic?
Israel’s scene is going really big the last year in terms of the amount of parties going on.
As for the music, there are lots of people who were focusing on music production when the pandemic happened (as there was no DJing for a while) and now there are many producers that also DJ, some really talented ones.

Following releases in recent years on the likes of Diynamic, Rebellion, REALM Records and more, on June 17th, you are set to release your first EP on your own label, Maccabi House, marking the eighth release on the label. What can you tell us about your ‘15 Days EP’?
This is my first EP of 2022, I was carefully selecting the tracks that I made around the summer time last year when all the clubs and parties were returning and I felt inspired to write dance music once more. This EP represents the music direction I’m trying to push on Maccabi House, which is predominantly house music but with psychedelic and sometimes ethnic twists on top.

Launched in 2021, Macabbi House is quickly becoming a respected outlet within the scene. What was it that first inspired you to launch the label and what is the concept behind it?
I have lots of talented friends in Tel-Aviv that were making great music that I was playing a lot and I felt that it’s time to make a home for that style.
The concept is simple: we release original dance music that we find interesting, we don’t care if it’s a big artist or unknown, if we find the music unique and fresh we are glad to push it forward and help the artist grow as much as we can.

Since launching, the label has featured a number of Israeli artists, highlighting the strength of the scene there. What does it mean to you to be able to showcase homegrown talent via Maccabi House?
I’m feeling very honored that our style is being noticed and played a lot all over the world.
There are many great upcoming artists that we are happy to help and support as for some it’s just their 1st releases. As an active DJ & artist, I’m happy to help new producers by giving tips about mixing and about arrangement of a track. Those small changes on a track can eventually make a huge difference, an average track can become a big hit. It’s important for us to do it that way, to work together with the artist so they will bring the best out of them.

The 15 Days EP features a remix from the rising duo Bonafique. What can you tell us about them?
Super talented and nice producers from Haifa city that make great stuff. Their first EP is great! And it’s gonna come out on Maccabi House later this year.

As well, Yamagucci features as a collaborator on the track ‘Contra Bass’, an artist you previously collaborated with on Diynamic. How did you and Yamagucci first decide to work together and what is it like doing so?
Yamagucci is a great friend and a true artist, he is probably one the most talented artists we have in Israel right now. A friend of mine sent me his music around 2 years ago and I felt that he has something special. We spoke and met for a session at my studio and we had a super fun time together as we like the same type of music. Since ‘Grab A Room’ was released on Diynamic, we made 7 more tracks that are gonna be released in the next 2 years on great labels.

Is there anything else in the pipeline for Maccabi House that you can share with us?
Basically a lot of great music will be out, and also some label nights around the world to follow.Yamagucci has an AMAZING album coming out in August on Maccabi House, featuring 7 tracks, including our collaboration named ‘Desert Fantasy’.

Thank you for chatting today Adam! To finish things off, is there anything else that you’d like to share with us? Maybe a tip for new artists?
Be kind, keep going, do it from the heart