– Hi Alex! How are you ?
Hey guys, I’m very good thanks! In the studio right now answering your questions

– What’s an average day in your life like, do you have any set routines ?
I’m normally in the studio from around 11 to 20 almost everyday. I only interrupt this routine during the weekend to play gigs and during the rest of the week to play tennis

– What made you get into music production and DJing ?
I play since EVER. I started to play classical piano and drums then. So when I started going to techno club, my passion for electronic music production came naturally

– The new EP „In A Time Lapse“ is great! Tell us bit about the creative process and what inspired it Does the EP have some story behind ?
Well, it’s my 6th release on Dubfire’s imprint. And he always want me to release at least 1 ep per year on his label. I do not have a particular story behind this release. I just tried to make something but for SCI+TEC which his my music home

– How the collaboration with Dubfire started ?
I met him during the 2014 Sonar in Barcelona. I gave him my USB stick. After few days he wrote to me an e­mail saying that he wanted me to release that stuff on his label SCI+TEC.

– How did the relationship with Terminal M and Monika Kruse come about ?
She stared playing my tracks, so when I met her during the ADE last year she asked me if I wanted to make something for Terminal, I closed myself in the studio and Lost EP came out

– What’s it like to have Dubfire, Monika Kruse, Carl Cox Richie Hawtin, Adam Beyer, and many more to support your music ?
Big djs are playing everyone’s music by now, but it means that you’re working properly.

– What tracks you are playing recently that make best peak-time moments ?
I’m playing a but raw at the moment, so I’m digging stuff from Keith Carnal, Andre Crom, Truncate and Wigbert to name a few.

– Can we expect something new and exclusive from your label Comade Music ?
Yes! We are about to re-launching it with a new graphic design and new some hot techno

– Any suggestions or tips for the upcoming artist who like to see there work at SCI+TEC or Terminal M ?
Be Different. Cool labels are looking something different.

– What are your plans for the near future any further releases for us to be excited about ?
I have my annual SCI+TEC release as always, and working on something new for Monika Kruse. Also, I’m preparing a new artist project, but I can’t reveal more, sorry

– What do you want for Christmas ?
I would like to receive a bomb demo for my label, that would be a great gift

– What DAW do you use, Do you have any hardware or VST you like to use and why ?
Since I belong to rock bands, I used to record my piano and drums with cubase, so Im still using it I use all the Komplete pack from Native instruments, I think you don’t need more if you got it

– What is your production process like, do you have a specific process to building a track ?
I do not have a ritual process of course. Sometimes it can all starts from two notes you play accidentally. But normally I focus first onthe melody part and then drums.

– Do you buy sample packs if YES any recommended sample pack ?
Yes, especially for drums. Raw Loops are the best for me.

– Alex who is your Favorite synth VST ?
Monark and Razor, both from NI

– Do you mix and master your track by yourself ?
Yes, even if 90% of the label’​s​ want to mastering the tracks they’re going to release.

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