– Hi Raverglueck how are you?
Thank you so much, in this exciting phase of our lives we have never been doing better!

– Tell us more about you who is part of Raverglueck?
We are two techno lovers who share the passion for techno music & traveling. The paths of our life lead both of us to Stuttgart, southern Germany and this was where we met (Roxy coming originally from Berlin & Iryna from southern Ukraine). Years of true friendship followed and we have shared uncountable wonderful experiences, vacations & trips, often connected to techno music events. Until one day we have decided to go one step further and bring our passion & hobby to a whole new level. This is when Raverglueck was born.

– What does the name mean Raverglueck? 
We think the the term “raver” is known to all of us. “Glueck” in German means „happiness“, „luck“, „joy“. We think “Glueck” sounds great & is worth  learning in any case for all internationals! You know just like Danish people have their cozy and sociable „hygge“? Some words are just so beautiful and representative for certain languages! So we kept the German Glueck as a part of our brand name, just because of how amazing this word is. And combined it’s all about a happy, lucky & joyful raver as well as everything around him/her & the experience of techno music.

– Tell us more about your project?
You know how techno lovers would go to festivals they already know or get recommended by their friends? But in reality there are just so many great events out there! Raverglueck is about a platform giving everyone the opportunity to share their techno festival experiences to enable transparency over all information needed. To bring this platform to life, we are going on a journey around the world from one techno festival to another for one year. We will be sharing our experiences with the community on our website, which is currently being built. The same website provides the opportunity for every user to share their techno festival experiences achieving this way a real value added.

– Witch major party’s are you going to visit? 
Our final planning for the whole year is not finished yet, but many festivals are already a definite part of the journey, e.g. Movement (Detroit, USA), Ikarus (Memmingen, DE), EDC (Las Vegas, USA), Lost & Found (Malta), etc. If you check out our YouTube video,  you will learn more about the events in Apr.-Jun. 2018 and find out that we will be majorly in Europe, USA and Japan. We plan to travel to festivals in Australia, Asia and South America in the second half of the year (Oct-Mar). Our perfect mixture is the one of small and big festivals, diverse continents, special things like techno cruise ship, etc. Many more highlights are upcoming, so stay tuned!

– How did you come with the idea to visit all the Techno party’s?
As true techno festival fans we have been asked a lot regarding recommendations and reasons why to go. That brought us to the idea to share our impressions in a professional way.

– Who is your favorite Techno artist ? 
OMG, there are so many amazing DJs in the world. It is really hard to name just a few. But if we would have to right now, it would probably be Victor Ruiz, Boris Brejcha, Pan-Pot, Chris Liebing & Len Faki.

– What is your expectations for the project Raverglueck? 
Apart of having the best year of our lives :)? We dream of a living platform for sharing techno festival experiences which would be enriching people’s lives by giving the chance to have the best techno festival experiences possible.
– Do you like to share something that we miss asking you?
We will share the insights of our journey directly on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube (@raverglueck), so make sure to stay tuned for all the exciting details! What else? Peace, love & happy raving! 🙂

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