The story of ÅNDfØLK continues this summer with the release of latest single Black Cat: a mesmerising, truly unique organic house cut that further establishes their sound and legacy.
With a growing fanbase and streams that number in the millions on Spotify alone, ÅNDfØLK are painting musical pictures that are clearly resonating. By stripping away everything but the music from their output they have bucked the trend of image over artistry, focussing solely on the thing that matters most, with new single Black Cat another step on their road to global recognition. Like many of their previous singles, Black Cat eschews traditional genre conventions, incorporating elements of progressive and organic house, melodic techno and minimal. Warm, atmospheric and richly emotive, it is a masterclass in both restraint and drama: a flawlessly produced cut that hits hard and lingers long in the memory.

Hi guys, great to have you with us today! How are things with you and whereabouts are you chatting to us from?
Great to be here! 2022 has been great so far thanks, we’ve spent the first half of the year in studios in London and Barcelona and now have a huge train of new music come throughout the rest of the year. Expect a few varying styles of tracks!

When did you start producing music and what or who were your early passions and influences?
We started to mess around in production 15 years ago as a side to DJing and performing with live instruments, it wasn’t until 2019 that we started to focus more seriously on production. Our early influences span from 90’s hip hop, Garage, Techno, Jungle, D&B to psychedelic blues and funk such as Hendrix and Parliament to alternative rock/electronica such as Radiohead and Queens of The Stone Age.

We’re pleased to be speaking with you about your new track, Black Cat. What can you tell us about this one?
We actually wrote this song at the end of last summer. It’s got such a warm feel to it, and a nice blend of playfulness along with a steady groove to keep you moving.

Are there any specific bits of kit or studio gear that were prominent in its production?
Prophet 6, Moogs and a Roland tr8 featured, along with some fantastic VST’s – To be honest, like Adam port said the other day, it’s becoming harder and harder to beat what you can do with a computer! Music describes emotions that words cannot: discuss… We agree so much that our Beatport bio reads as such – ÅNDfØLK allows people to see with their minds what they cannot see with their eyes.

With electronic music especially it’s so easy to keep adding to productions, so how can you be sure that your work is finished and it’s time to step away?
We never can, it’s a constant battle between perfection and acceptance of time 🙂

You’re keeping your identity hidden at the moment, what made you make that decision?
We guess it’s about focusing on what matters most to us – the music. When one sense is removed the others are improved.

How would that work when it comes to playing live? Can we expect masks?
Exactly, you can expect live performances with protection to our anonymity, to find out exactly what you’ll have to keep an eye out for our live shows.

How has it been in general returning to events following their absence through the pandemic?
Having recently played a couple of special gigs including one in East London alongside Marco Carola, and having just spent last weekend at OffSonar in Barcelona, there are no words that describe how grateful we are that the world is reopening. Long may it continue!

Thanks a lot for chatting with us! To round off, is there anything else that you’d like to share with us?
We’ll have another release at the end of July, and a further 5 more before the year’s out, can’t wait to share them with you all! 🙂

Thanks for having us and have a great summer! ANDfØLK