Hi Guy, thanks for taking the time to talk to us today! How are you and where are you at the moment?
Hey guys no problem, it’s great to be speaking with you! I’m good thanks, just taking a break from preparing music for some upcoming mixes at home right now.

For our readers that aren’t familiar, can you tell us a little bit about yourself?
Hey everyone, I’m Guy Mac, 25, a DJ/producer from the UK. I’ve been making music since I was 15 and have been releasing music in the last 6 years or so. You might have heard some of my tracks played over the last few years in the sets of Joseph Capriati, Jamie Jones and Marco Carola.

The past couple of years have been a bit crazy with the pandemic. How did you find things as a producer and DJ?
It has been crazy and makes you grateful for how good we had it in 2019 before the pandemic hit. When I was producing during this time, I experimented more with my tracks. It was up to our imagination to fuel these ideas of what could work on the dancefloor, as there were no gigs to inspire any ideas or test demos on crowds. Also, last year I finally bought some technics, so it’s been fun to start collecting and having a setup at home.

We loved your new release ‘Sonic Boom’ on Hot Creations. Can you tell us about the release and how you got it signed to the label?
Thank you, I’m really glad you guys are feeling it! It’s a dream to release on Hot Creations, a label that I have always looked up to. So I sent Jamie a couple of demos last March, and then that weekend, I found a video of him playing Sonic Boom at Space Park Miami. He continued to support it at gigs worldwide for the summer; Paradise LA, Loveland, Elrow, Brooklyn Mirage and more. It was amazing seeing all the live videos and how the crowd reacted! Then at Eastern Electrics in London, Jamie was headlining the main stage, and I was lucky enough to see him play it live to 5000 people, which was just insane! The three tracks for my EP were confirmed at the end of the summer and here we are now. It’s surreal getting the classic HC style artwork from the amazing artist Mikey Brain. I’m so excited for the EP to come out and for everyone to hear it.

What was the production process for the EP?
Sonic Boom was an idea I started late in the night at 1AM, all of the elements flowed naturally and I had 90% of the track done and arranged by 4AM! It was one of those tracks that doesn’t contain many channels, but I experimented with many unique FX on the synths, stabs, vocals, etc. Using gates, filters, phasers and analog emulation plugins to give it a unique sound.

Waku Waku was a track that started with the main groove. I love percussion and using different one-shots and sounds to build a unique drum kit. Also I always like to get across a melodic element in some form throughout a track, so I decided to switch up the breakdown to a Balearic style synth melody using a few layers to create a warm sound.

Don’t Stop is a club roller which I used an interesting technique to get the idea started. The way I made these was something I hadn’t done before, which helped a lot with its direction. I put on Jamie’s Music On set on TV and muted the audio, then tried to get inspired from that to make what I think could be soundtracking the visual. Doing this helped steer what I wanted the idea to be, and I quickly finished it and loved how it turned out.

How did you celebrate Christmas and New Year? Moving into a new year, do you have any resolutions?
I spent time with family and friends, which was great to recharge for the year ahead. I’m trying to meditate more in 2022, which helps with everything!

Being based in London, can you tell us a bit about your favourite parties and clubs there?
Fabric and 93 Feet East are two of my favourite clubs. FUSE parties are always quality, one of the favourite recent events I went to was their Three Mills open air show a few months ago, so good! Also, Ministry of Sound has been an important club for me as it’s where I first started playing, the sound system in the Box is one of the best!

Are there any upcoming gigs or releases you would like to tell us about?
I’ve got some very exciting music and gigs to come this year, stay tuned for more news! But I can’t wait to kick 2022 off with my Sonic Boom EP on the legendary Hot Creations.