If someone should be watched closely then that’s Nennat Omen an underground star. From being a raver, through collector and now a DJ and producer, he has worked hard and managed to be resident DJ in Ibiza, be part of many electronic music festivals on the Balkans and share the DJ booth with some of the greatest techno legends. Getting his inspiration from music giants like Kraftwerk, Richie Hawtin aka Plastikman and Dubfire. Improving, experimenting & looking for new ideas, he has deserved the title as the best Macedonian DJ. While experimenting and combining various music styles like Techno, Tech and Acid, he creates Groovy sets that doesn’t leave anyone indifferent on the dancefloor.

Hi got residency in Ibiza (Spain) Performed at Exit Festival, GreenFest, Signal Festival, Revolution Festival and performances across the ocean at New York and Chicago now currently touring across the europe Nennat Omen shared the DJ booth with stars like Richie Hawtin, Maceo Plex, Tale of Us, Ida Engberg, Luciano, Fabio Florido, Hito, Mladen Tomic, Spektre, Julian Jeweil, Stiv Hey, Miss Monique, Matt Sassari, Christian Craken, and the list goes on.

Today we have big pleasure to welcome Nennat Omen and ask him some question so without further ado let’s get started.

Hi Nennat

Hello TechnoMood Team and to all of your listeners and enjoyers. Big thanks for doing this interview and sorry for the late reply

– Nice to finally do a long-expected interview with you, we know that you are busy constantly touring doing gigs in different countries, tell us where are you right now and where’s the next gig happening?.

Thanks for following my work, I was traveling past few months a lot, actually, every summer is like this traveling a lot, doing a lot of festival gigs, because a lot of the festivals are made in summer period on open stages. Answering your questions now in my studio and then I will have to prepare my self tonight doing a party in Ohrid in the Discoteque Park (the most famous one for the summer there).

– What’s an average day in your life like, do you have any set routines?

Yea, who doesn’t. Usually, by the weekdays I’m waking up in 7 in the morning. Making one short espresso while my other machine is preparing my dose of caffeine for the whole studio day. ☺ Then, going in the studio and first thing what I’m always saying doing the Office job, checking the emails, my schedules for the day and the rest of the week, a few posts on my pages, checking the promo that I receive, the checking online stores for the latest releases. BREAK ☺ After that starting preps for my live sets, or just doing production and tweaking some synths. Still exploring the sounds.

– What made you get into Techno music and DJing?

Into Djing the need for money. ☺ I’m always honest, I had started Djing a long time ago, needed a job and I was collecting a lot of CDs & Cassettes (a lot of young people will google now). After that, the Djing became a passion (how they say work the job you like and you will not have working days). Back then I was playing hip-hop music, after listening Kraftwerk and Prodigy I have switched to electronic music. Now sitting in between Minimal, Techno & Acid ( love those crazy synths that make people goes nuts)

– What’s it like to share the DJ booth with big techno DJ’s like Richie Hawtin, Maceo Plex, Tale of Us, Christian Craken and many more to support you and your music?

The feeling is amazing to share the same booth with this kind of artists, it’s even more amazing to hang out with them and see how ordinary and yet so amazing people are they. It’s good to have the music industry people like this. Christian, also is my friend and great tutor.

– Favorit gig?

I can’t tell one, every gig is a different story. Exit Festival was one of them, all the gigs In Serbia are great, Tokyo bar in Thessaloniki, Plazma Club in Bulgaria. I will remember my residency in Ibiza.

– What is your music preparation process like, do you have a specific process to building a perfect DJ set?

The preparing your music library is essential, It’s 80% of your work. After selecting and downloading the tracks I will scan them with a Mixed in Key so I will have they are music scale, then selecting into folders & at the end importing in my Traktor’s library collection. Then the process continues to buy listening to them, give them comments, rating, and colors (so, I can read them easily at night). This is essential, If you don’t know and don’t understand your library then maybe you will have luckily one or two great sets, but if you know your stuff then you will have constantly good sets.

– We know that you have a complex DJ setup can you explain how you use and what kind of equipment do you use?

I’m using a hybrid setup between Djing and Live act. Using A&H Xone 92, because of the 6 channels and the send & return options. Traktor is my software for playing tracks and Ableton live for effects, percussion, step sequencer and playing synths & basses live. With a Xone K2 controllers, I’m controlling both Traktor & Live. For the audio interface, I was using NI Audio 10 for a long time, but now I have Switched to RME. I’m using Traktor decks for playing tracks, usually one is for the groovy low end, second for percussion and tops, third for some synths and FX. Sends to send the audio for fx processing in Ableton and then to return back to the returns.Ableton Push controller for the step sequencer and playing synths.

– Who are your peak-time tracks at the moment?




– What are your plans for the near future any big news for us to be excited about?

Just started our own label Escalate Records for banging techno with Kox. I’m really excited about the Escalate. Still doing some tweaking on the mixing for my tracks that soon coming out on Escalate and few other labels. Will put online my last sets from Bulgaria and Greece. Stay tuned on FB & Instagram pages.

– Where can we catch Nennat Omen playing?
13.07.19 – Discoteque Park, Ohrid Macedonia
20.07.19 – Natural Behavior on Jungle Beach, Ohrid Macedonia
31.07.19 – Gradishte Beach 2, Ohrid Macedonia
03.08.19 – Revolution Festival, Strumica Macedonia
10.08.19 – Techno Festival, Borovets Bulgaria
17.08.19 – TBA
24.08.19 – Utopia, Stara Zagora Bulgaria
07.09.19 – Opium Club, Tetovo Macedonia
More to be announced soon…

Not long ago Nennat Omen recorded 2 hour exclusive videocast for TechnoMood you can check it below.

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