Following her critically acclaimed debut on Substeal Records just two weeks ago with a stunning remix for Alberto Ruiz’s ‘Inside’, Polish techno icon Noemi Black now looks to see off 2020 in resounding fashion, as she closes out the year with yet another remarkable remix – this time on esteemed Italian imprint, Black Vision.

Making her eagerly awaiting inaugural outing on the burgeoning techno label, Noemi steps up to the plate to deliver a juggernaut remix for label partners Fabio Guarriello and Andrea Sorbo, who have curated a special extended player to conclude the year.

The remix marks the impressive finale in a fine slew of releases for Noemi Black over the course of 2020. Kicking off with her ‘Absorcol’ Remix on Dolma Red at the start of the year, Noemi has since enjoyed a hugely successful run of hard-hitting original releases and remixes on the likes of Black Nemesis Records, Eclipse Recordings, Prospect Records, Substeal and two full EPs on her very own Technical Vibe imprint.

We sat down with Noemi to find out more…

Hello Noemi! It’s great to have you with us today at Techno Mood – thank you for speaking with us!
Hey! I’m also happy to be here. Thank you for the invitation.

Where are you based right now and how has the year been for you so far given the global situation?
I’m living in South Germany, in a small, quiet city, Ravensburg. This year started very promisingly. I played some awesome gigs, for example in Tuluz in France, Malmo in Sweden, or Augsburg in Germany. But this all was before March. Then everything collapsed. I had planned many gigs not only here in Germany but across Europe and the highlight, Tournee in South and North America.
It was a very hard time for me, but I have put myself together very quickly, and I have started to work harder on myself by learning new things. I’m learning foreign languages, and I’m still improving my music production skills. Every cloud has a silver lining.

Have you managed to play any shows since everything kicked off earlier this year?
Yes, we have tried to organize some gigs, but sooner or later, almost all of them were postponed, except one. In July I had the opportunity to play in Space Monki in Zurich. It was a great feeling, to be able to play again, after so many months. I was as happy as a child!

Do you think that the whole scene will be able to survive? And do you think that we could learn something positive about this situation?
I hope so. We all have to stay strong and support each other. Only together we can survive.
Yes of course. We have to learn, how to appreciate every single minute of our life. Everything can turn into dust in just one day, so we must enjoy every moment of our life.

How are you personally dealing with all of these changes?
Like I said before, it’s not easy. I’m trying to focus on other things. I’m trying not to think about, what I have lost. The first two months it was a depressive time, but right now, I know, that we all will survive this episode of our life, and we will be able to come back to our normal life very soon.
Now we have more time for families, and for self-development.

We’re very intrigued about how you got into electronic music and the early rave scene where you grew up. Can you tell us more?
Music has always been an important part of my life. I have been involved in many music projects since I was a child, in music school, dance school, etc. As I got older, my musical tastes moved more and more towards electronic music. Every time I’ve been to a club, I’ve discovered something new for myself. Everything was there, trance, house, electro. But the biggest impression on me made by my first visit to MAYDAY Festival in Katowice, Poland. That clearly influenced my future, I heard techno for the first time – and fell in love immediately!

Can you tell us about your first clubbing experience?
I was a teenager around 17. I went to the club with a group of school friends. We were there from the opening till closing. We were dancing, drinking, we had simply a lot of fun, like normal teenagers. But besides fun, I’ve discovered my destiny. I saw the passion of ravers, I saw, how DJ is bringing a smile, to their faces. After this first time in the Club, I have decided, that I want to become a DJ.

And then the first time you were the other side of the booth?
It was an unforgettable evening for me. I had the opportunity to play at the Summer closing event at a local Openair. I was stressed and excited at the same time. Stress passed by immediately when I have touched the play button on the CDJ. When I have looked up and saw the satisfied, dancing crowd in front of me… Indescribable feeling.

We’re loving your recent remix for Simina Grigoriu on Prospect Records — can you tell us how that came about?
Thank you very much. Hollen, the Prospect Records owner has hit me up with a message, asking if I want to do a remix for Simina. He is following me and my work for a long time, and he likes my style. When I have seen, that I will be able to do a remix for Simina, I agreed immediately. I love her style and I admire her achievements. After the first listen to the “Dagger”, I already had an idea for the remix.

If you could offer one piece of advice to an aspiring artist, what would it be?
Don’t look back, don’t think about your mistakes, don’t listen to haters. Head up and keep your work going!

What do you like to do, when you’re not making music or touring the world?
I love cycling, I love hiking. I’m trying to spend every free time outside, in nature. I’m spending a lot of time in the Alps. There I can clear my mind and recharge my batteries. When the weather is bad, I’m I practicing at home. A few years ago, I discovered my passion for cycling. Every ride I get further, climb higher. The sport was always very important to me and it stayed that way.

What’s the nicest thing you’ve cooked/eaten this year?
That’s a good question! Since the start of the lockdown, I have more time for experiments in the kitchen. I love Mediterranean cuisine, so I’m trying to cook and taste everything, what I can find on the Internet and looks tasty. But yeah, the best are still polish “Pierogi”! 😀 You have to taste them.

It has been a difficult year globally but hopefully, things can begin to improve soon. What are you most looking forward to doing when some level of normality returns?
Definitely, it’s a contact face to face with my family, friends, and my fans. Of course, I look forward to went back to the club as well. I’m missing the backstage conversations about the music, dancing, and talking with fans on the dancefloor. I want to take again millions of pictures after the Gig.

What can you tell us about your future? Any new projects, releases?
I am really optimistic about the future. I keep going with my work, so you will be able to hear some new music from me very soon. I’ve just released two remixes to conclude the year – one for Alberto Ruiz on Substeal Records and one for Fabio Guarriello and Andrea Sorbo on Black Vision. I’m working also on the next solo tracks, so stay tuned. More straight and forward Techno is coming!

Any final words for our Techno Mood readers?
Happy Christmas and stay healthy and strong! We all will be back to normal life soon.