TWAN has come up on our radar multiple times this year and rightly so, his talent goes way beyond production. The London based Italian has spent a high percentage of his life mastering his craft as a multi-instrumentalist, and an electronic live performer. His talents recently shined brightly with an emotional collaboration with USA native, ICEBERG on their “Noise” single, and earlier in the year a single entitled “Entropia”. We hope to catch a live performance from TWAN soon…

Hi TWAN, what have you been up to in recent months? In and outside of music…
I spent the summer in Italy as I needed to recharge the batteries after a hectic year. I went to the Amalfi Coast, Apulia and devoted a great deal of time to my family. I also worked on lots of music and started collaborating with two Italian artists.

Tell us a bit about your extensive background in music?
I first discovered my passion for music whilst studying classical piano as a child. My parents are passionate music lovers and I grew up listening to their vinyl collection. I remember my favourite thing was to analyse records to understand how they were structured and layered. Following my high school diploma, I moved to London to study a BA in Music Production at the University of East London and an MA in Composing for Film at Kingston University, all the while immersing myself in London’s flourishing hip-hop, house and techno scene. Living in the British capital for 7 years had a profound impact on how I make music. It has pushed me to experiment more by bringing different genres together and processing sounds in unusual ways.

Is there any instrument you can not currently play, but plan to learn?
There are many instruments I can’t play. I would love to play the bass and guitar. Some producer friends play them very well and I love how they blend them into their productions. However, I am investing all my energies into songwriting and production at the moment as my current goal is to develop a live show.

Your “Noise” single alongside Iceberg explores deep and emotional textures, is this something important for you when making music?
Textures are very important in music. They allow us to enhance certain moods so that listeners can immerse into unique sonic worlds. I spend a great deal of time creating textures, diving really deep into sound design as I want to make sure they are unique and evoke the right mood for the track.

How did the relationship with ICEBERG begin? Did you collaborate with a certain goal in mind or did it just flow naturally?
ICEBERG and I first met in 2019 whilst working at the same recording studio in London. We were doing long hours and did not like the projects we were working on so we decided to create something of our own. It flowed very naturally as we are very good friends and both listen to similar artists. We holed up in my apartment and started to write the song.

We are big fans of your previous “Entropia” single, and the artwork. Do you have more releases planned on a similar vibe to this?
Certainly, there will be more releases which draw on the style of Entropia. I am going to release another single that has a similar vibe. Hopefully, I am going to work again with Leif on the artwork.

If you could perform a live set at any famous venue, what would it be and why?
My dream would be to perform a live set at the O2 Academy in Brixton. I had the chance to witness some of the best performances there. I just love the venue architecture and how the artists can easily connect with the crowd.

Can you share with us one artist you love right now and a track from them?
I recently discovered Overmono through one of the latest fabric compilations. I am in love with his latest single BMW Track. It is definitely worth listening to.

Head to TWAN’s Bandcamp to listen to his latest work: