Katermukke serve up a stunning new album from German DJ/producer Miyagi. Good Night Planet is a fully formed world of deep house and techno with guests such as Allies For Everyone and Haptic adding further colour.

DJ and producer Miyagi has developed his very own sound during recent years. He mixes up deep house, tech house and techno as a producer and a DJ and always brings hypnotic and melodic atmospheres. His productions have come on labels like Einmusika, Katermukke, Do Not Sit and Flying Circus while he has DJ’d everywhere from Chicago to Berlin to London. Miyagi also hosts the WEIRD events in Hamburg, which are renowned among the most popular local events, and now he goes to the next level with this new album.

Hope opens up in dramatic fashion with boarding synths and rising tension before Stay establishes a deep and rolling, dubbed out house groove to sink you in. Runaway is a spine tingling tune with an angelic female vocal above the meaningful chords and Where We’re Going (Album Mix) explores the cosmos with a wave of pulling drums and widescreen pads.

Wanderer is another tender and melodic deep house roller, Together We Lose Control pieces up the pace with a more stiff tech house beat but still plenty of deft chord work and Aphorism featuring Haptic is awash with sci-fi motifs and gorgeously rippling keys. The likes of the nimble and uplifting Lost, Good Night Planet and Sleeping On Jupiter feat. Eleonora takes you further into the stars with their lush grooves and closer Hello Darkness feat. Shawni layers up twinkling harmonies, brooding bass and a soulful vocal into a truly escapist house track.

This is an adventurous album that invites you far into Miyagi’s unique musical world.