Marking its 50th release, Skryptöm records’ label head, Electric Rescue, has invited a list of exceptional artists that have inspired and shaped the label’s sound since day one, to contribute to this anniversary compilation. With this project, Electric Rescue aims to cover all aspects of techno as expressed by the early pioneers like Scan X to the new generation’s talent like K.U.S.S.

Gathering Generations represents all the sounds that someone could listen to on Skryptom since its first release, from Deep to Banging Techno, from Ambient to Electro. Rrose, Umwelt, Amotik, Anechoic are some of the artists who took on remix duties on tracks taken from Electric Rescue’s recent Esquisse du Nouveau Monde album while this fantastic package gets completed with five special collaborations by Electric Rescue with Zadig, Scan X, Joton, Dyspal, and KUSS. Collectively, these 12 tracks constitute Skryptom’s representative sound throughout the years.