Coming in straight from Spain for his first release on Formatik+ is the electronic music staple JJ Mullor who has been making serious waves internationally since 2008 and is now teaming up with quite a range of local producers to create a musical collage which is now to be released as his, guess what, “Collage EP”. Joining the studio with Reedjekt and Gili Jack we see JJ Mullor bringing on “Wannabes”, a banging TechHouse effort with highly compressed drums, sharp hi-hat shuffles and a sweet sub structure as a foundation for large hovers and a continuously warped and twisted two tone motif as well as little bit of a gangster vibe for the dark peak time hours out on the dancefloor. With “Trifasik” the team changes and the triplet of JJ Mullor, Toni Carillo and Carlos A present another sure shot for hot summer nights. Killer grooves, ClubHouse-reminiscent synths motifs and highly seductive vocals fall right in place to create a timeless club classic that will be pumped in House-focused DJ-set until the end of time.