with this exceptional MOOD EP.

Three slices of imagination arresting techno, conjured on the Frankfurt artist’s analogue armoury; ‘Recognition’ sparks the spellbinding fire with rolling acidic momentum. It’s a dramatic construction primed with a strong sense of timelessness that sets the scene for the dark designs that follow; ‘Red’, a stripped back stampede characterised by a warped 4/4 and a bass lead that gets more venomous with every 32, and ‘Moonlight’ a protracted nine-minute saga that builds and builds with a heroic narrative, hurling us from peak to trough on a rocket powered purely by acid.

Ageless adventures: all three of these cuts could have landed at any point in the last 20 years (or land any time in the next 20) and blow minds. Building on a signature developed on the likes of Second State, SCI+TEC, Break New Soil and many more on-point imprints, if you haven’t recognised Wigbert’s unquenchable rise over the last few years ‘Recognition’ will make sure you do now.