A track which has been a key component of every set of theirs in the last 6 months, not to mention a while selection of other DJs. Amelie’s vocals make this instantly recognisable on the dancelfoor, and after many requests as to when its out – the time is now.

The track is to mark the announce of Farrago’s debut 10 track album out on the 19th May titled ‘Blesssed’.

‘Addicted To Bass’ was made on a particularly cold day last December. I wrote down the lyrics in my notes in the middle of the night after I woke up and wrote them in a dream (I know, sounds cliché. The vocals are what makes this track so special to me, I’m very happy Amélie was able to nail the sentiment I had in mind with them so perfectly’ adds Sam.

After suffering a stroke 3 years ago, Sam was left unknowing his future, after a long road to health. Some of the first tracks he ever made since were the start of ‘Blesssed’. It showed him life is too short and after the accident, to never hold back on things you want to do, so here is his debut album. Two more singles will be released in the run up to the album, with ‘Ducky Tribal Mission’ on the 28th April and ’Naked Light’ on the 12th May.

‘Blesssed’ will be the first release on Farrago’s new label Vermillion Trax, available both digitally and limited edition vinyl.