Once on a faraway island, a group of people passionate about electronic music decided to organize an event that could gather the best DJs from around the globe in one place. They exchanged ideas, found support, overcame difficulties, and finally launched their first festival — Beonix.

With its resounding success, Beonix instantly became one of the prominent festivals among the top music events in Europe. Partygoers of all sorts and kinds relaxed and enjoyed a massive mix of fireworks, energetic beats, scintillating emotions, and an atmosphere of creativity. It is a wonderful story of how the Beonix festival was born. And for a while, we invite you to forget about the lyrics and see the specifics.

How It All Began
The legend does not lie. Right after the COVID-19 period, a group of people living in Cyprus came up with the idea of creating something huge and epic. After several years of isolation, a music festival perfectly fits what everybody craves.

Why Cyprus? The answer is clear — this island is an exceptional location, fantastic for life and vacation. It combines the sea, unique nature with a rugged setting, kind people, and one of the most delicious cuisines in the world. Besides, each year, from May to October, the island becomes a popular tourist destination. Despite being so attractive, Cyprus never had any big international festivals. It became one of the major reasons these music devotees decided to create the BEONIX event and invite the top leading performers of the techno electronic scene.

2022 Festival Concept
The first Beonix event was arranged in 2022 for less than six months. The creators managed to advance quickly from its conception and idea to its actual realization. Beonix ‘22 took place in the third largest city in Cyprus — Larnaca, or to be exact, on its magnificent beach near the sea.


The festival lasted two weekends and gathered a record number of guests—16,000. The headliners were Paul Kalkbrenner, Deborah De Luca, Carl Cox, and others. Locals and tourists left positive reviews, making Beonix one of Cyprus’s major international events.

What Are The Plans?
The festival was a part of the unique international socio-cultural Beonix Art Cluster project that should bring more attention to the island’s ecology and help restore its beautiful nature. The stage was decorated with several light-visual panels and a giant, impressive installation in the form of hands, “La creazione di Adamo” as an implication of the unity and freedom of creativity.

Since Beonix was partially dedicated to ecology, the creators managed to dispose of 1,325 bags of normal waste and 647 bags of recyclables without causing any harm to the island’s marvelous nature. But it was only a start that was so dynamic and powerful. Soon there will be a whole creative infrastructure for people who enjoy and adore art.

What to Expect in 2023
This year, the creators of the first festival decided to change the location. Their plans include the reconstruction of the old winery in Limassol and turning it into a public space with an art gallery. So the lucky ones who already bought tickets can expect something really fabulous out of the renovated winery building with its intense history of events.

Limassol is a business city located near the sea. Attendees can conveniently get to the city from airports. The whole infrastructure consists of many hotels, cafes, and restaurants where you can spend time before and in between the show.

This fall, it will be “more everything”! You will get three stages and hear about 50 of the trendiest DJs! Your rave quest starts on September 22 and lasts for three days in a row. This time, the entertainment goes up to a whole new level.

Travel to The 9th Planet


According to the feedback from the last event, Beonix was perceived as a trip to another planet. So the upcoming fall festival will teleport all the music fans to a new location under the code name “9th Planet”. An old winery in Limassol promises new unforgettable emotions and a parade of new names, like Jan Blomqvist, Luna Semara, Paul Kalkbrenner, Innellea, Black Coffee, and others. Soak in the chill vibes and enormous portions of positive emotions to return back to Earth as an absolutely new, reborn in music human.