Concord EP feels like a real come-back for Beswerda, as it is his first EP in 4 years. Beswerda really redefined and perfected his own sound during the pandemic, which needed some time. Now is the time to start release the sound he has been developing. Concord EP is now available on Beatport exclusively and streaming platforms on the 24th of Februari.

After the main track “Concord” was created, it was highly supported by Beswerda’s good friend Colyn. Who even played it in his Cercle set which is now streaming on Youtube and has over 1.4 million views. Which made “Concord” a highly requested track when Colyn played it in his sets.

The other two tracks “Terea” and “Anything” are relatively new tracks and are also supported by artists like Mark Hoffen, Massano, Colyn and many others. Both tracks are two different kinds of tracks, which definitely define Beswerda’s sound as something unique and not your typical Melodic Techno artist.

After the two releases on Afterlife, Beswerda’s DJ career really took off. He already did shows in some amazing places like Ahm Beirut, Tempo Cairo, Soho Dubai, Pleinvrees Amsterdam, Marktkantine Amsterdam. And upcoming shows in Volt Milan, Pleinvrees Festival, Grand Factory Beirut, he definitely one of the rising stars in de melodic / indie scene.