Cafe De Anatolia, the well-known record label specializing in world music, has recently released a new track titled “Dawaran” by Hawazin, a band that blends modern electronic music with traditional Middle Eastern sounds. The track features Maro, who sings an old Arabic Andalusian poem in a down-tempo ethnic house style.

According to the artist statement, “Dawaran” is the result of the band’s creative jam sessions on different grooves, tempos, and moods. The idea for the song came about when they were experimenting with a down-tempo track and came up with the chorus “Leele Leele Leele Leel” before building the rest of the track with other lyrics from the same poem.

Hawazin’s approach to music-making is unique, as they combine live instruments such as the Qanun, Oud, violin, and percussion, with electronic elements. Their goal is to create pure, original, and honest music that transcends cultural boundaries and puts the listener in another dimension.

One of the standout features of “Dawaran” is the seamless blend of the traditional and the modern. The song opens with a haunting Qanun melody that sets the mood for the rest of the track. Maro’s vocals are soulful and emotive, conveying the meaning of the old Arabic Andalusian poem. The use of electronic elements adds a contemporary edge to the track, without compromising the integrity of the traditional Middle Eastern sound.

The lyrics of the song are rich with meaning and speak to the human experience, regardless of cultural background. The themes of love, longing, and nostalgia are universal and easily relatable. Hawazin’s decision to use an old Andalusian poem in their music showcases the timelessness and relevance of ancient texts and highlights the importance of preserving cultural heritage.

Overall, “Dawaran” is an excellent example of Hawazin’s unique sound, which combines ancient Middle Eastern music with contemporary electronic elements. The song is an invitation to listeners to explore the beauty and richness of other cultures, to transcend boundaries and connect with the human experience through music.