The book tells his story, and the story of how British club culture took over the world It charts his journey from being born in Manchester to Barbadian parents through working as a shelf-stacker and scaffolder in the suburbs of South London to growing into the best-loved DJ on the planet, touching upon his knowledge of Soundsystem culture, Ibiza, Burning Man, Melbourne, and more.

I was looking for a publishing partner who would understand how important it is for me to share my story and insights to a global audience but who could also understand and respect how I connect with people on an individual level. White Rabbit gets it. They not only have the clout and backing of a big player, but the personal touch that I need in order to fully share my life on and off the dancefloor.” – Carl Cox

Oh Yes, Oh Yes! comes out on August 19 this year, and is being published by White Rabbit. Pricings are: hardback: £20; eBook: £10.99; and audio £21.99.

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