Anfisa Letyago has invited a variety of techno heavyweights to remix tracks from her 2021 EPs ‘Listen’ and ‘Nisida’.

Very few producers have rode the pinnacles of techno as it unfolds through the decades, Chris Liebing is one such figurehead. Revered for his energetic, seize-the-moment style of DJing and music production Liebing is forever finding new ways to innovate within the booth.

“Remixing ‘Not There’ was a huge pleasure, and the production process was very organic. I tried to take it in a little less melodic direction by just hinting it in the break” – Says Chris Liebing.

This Germanic trailblazer continues to ignite dancefloors internationally between running his label CLR and juggling family life. Liebing steps up to the plate with his own take on “Not There” to conclude the pack. Instantly drawing your attention with his trademark grit laden kick drums and sweeping dubbed-out vocal shots, along with a hypnotic and body-jolting start to a literal Pandora’s box of remix material.