Cromby returns to his Potency label skilfully crafting three cuts to satisfy every mood on the dance floor. Whether you’re seeking lose yourself in the hazy after-hour, be consumed by the overflowing acid banger, or raise your hands in peak time euphoria, Cromby’s got you covered.

Kicking things off with a huge presence is ‘Obsessed’, another coveted track from his Streaming From Isolation Boiler Room back-to-back with Sally C that’s set to make an impact in 2022. Kick drums with attitude meet slinky basslines, engulfing synths, all leading up to a drop built to send the rave into hysteria. ‘Body Rush’ is a low slung, moody after hours track, fit for smoky dance floors. ‘Cromby Excavator’ is a high energy acid cut, reaching heights of 140 bpm.

Talking about Potency, Cromby says – “The label is a creative outlet for my own explorations between the realms of house, techno and acid, combining old school rhythms with new school flavours. As dance floors make another return, I wanted an EP that you can reach for in every dancefloor situation and imagined what it would be like in certain moments – the euphoric hands in the air one, the after hours roller, and the straight up acid cut”

To portray the label’s art vision of larger than life trippy record sleeves, Cromby teams up with old friend and illustrator Chris Martin.