Deep Tone and Rohaab have recently released their latest track, “Secret,” in collaboration with Cafe De Anatolia. The artists have stated that the inspiration for the music came from the words of the famous Iranian poet Khayyam. “The secret is taken from the words of the famous Iranian poet Khayyam that this music reflects the mood of oriental and electronic music,” they said.

The track itself is a unique blend of percussive beats, a live oud recorded by a musician from Iran, and Rohaab’s powerful vocal performance. Deep Tone created the drum part and bassline, resulting in a compelling mix that seamlessly integrates electronic and traditional elements. The use of percussion throughout the track adds depth and texture to the music, while the live oud provides an authentic and traditional sound that complements the electronic elements perfectly.

The artists have described “Secret” as a genre between Deep House and Oriental, reflecting the fusion of different styles that make up the track. The combination of electronic and traditional elements creates a unique sound that is both modern and timeless.

According to the artists, “The secret gives the listener a sense of power and release from anxiety.” Rohaab’s emotive vocal performance adds to this sentiment, conveying a range of emotions that enhance the overall mood of the track. The music’s uplifting nature is sure to resonate with listeners, providing a much-needed escape from the stresses of everyday life.
The collaboration with Cafe De Anatolia is a fitting partnership, as the label is known for its dedication to showcasing the best in oriental and electronic music. The release of “Secret” is a testament to the label’s commitment to bringing together artists from different backgrounds to create something truly special.

In conclusion, Deep Tone and Rohaab’s “Secret” with Cafe De Anatolia is a must-listen for fans of both oriental and electronic music. The track’s fusion of different styles and emotive nature creates a powerful listening experience that is both uplifting and inspiring.