The Zoo Project co-founder and Ibiza trailblazer Defex teams up with sultry Dutch-English songstress Jade PraiZe to bring you the wickedly infectious Bite Me Back, available from 21st March on Tube & Berger and Juliet Sikora’s Kittball.

Bite Me Back grabs you instantly with a deep bass kick and playful hi-beat, Jade PraiZe’s whispered “Bite – me – back” giving you an insatiable teaser of what’s yet to come.

Defex’s sexy, sinister synth-bass gives goosebumps. Expertly layered melodic, yet macabre mid-synths build the atmosphere perfectly for the deliciously delivered vocal. Jade PraiZe beckons you to join her- “Going out from the town / Come, come, come out / Out for the count”. Her lyrics on Bite Me Back a perfect balance of lust, horror, and dark humour.

Defex tells us a little more about this superb track: ‘Bite Me Back is about a precocious girl hitting on a vampire. She bites the vampire first and dares him to be bitten back to make their love eternal… The ultimate sacrifice for undying love.’

Bite Me Back follows in the footsteps of Defex’s track We Are The Beat. This makes perfect sense when you listen to the instrumental version of Bite Me Back (itself a brilliantly complete track) on the flip side.

Defex recalls: After trying a few things that didn’t work, I played the instrumental to Jade. Her eyes were basically glowing, the vocals and lyrics came pouring out of her. It was one of these magic moments where things suddenly come together. Within two hours, it was written and all the vocals were recorded.

The result was a sensationally catchy yet complex track, very different to how it started out – a testament to musical collaboration. Defex played the track to Juliet Sikora from Kittball, who signed it instantly. She will be no doubt the first of many to get hooked on this perfect horror-romance track this year.