The pulse that Diana proposes on her debut EP ” GOAL” is, like herself, multiple-faceted, sophisticated, full of nuances, capable of making us think as well as compelling us to dance. In the three tracks gathered there, the producer and DJ guarantees that her vision is made of the future, pointing forward.

There are three distinct moments, with space given to reflection, to atmospheric drifts, with arguments to work on the headphones (“Goal”). But there is also fuel for abandonment in the center of the dance floor, serious techno, able to fill the spaces that exist inside the head or to propel members who may even want to levitate above the floor (“Shut Off”). And with her voice always present, which keeps repeating ideas, suggests Diana (“Stuck in my Head”), while making it clear that the history of national dancing electronics, which goes back to landmarks like those that Underground Sound of Lisbon has offered the world, still has a lot to offer for the future. And so, these are the sounds that end up being connected to our thinking, stuck, in our head.

Techno is only a strange place if we don’t know how to get there. Diana Oliveira knows the paths well. And the shortcuts that experience teaches.