“The intention behind this song is to lead the listener on a quest, to follow the rainbow to the secret garden, and then to find the treasure that is buried there.”Starya

LA-based producer and vocalist Starya, formerly known as Tuff Ghost, is a multi-faceted artistic force. As the primary beat-maker, singer, and mixer behind all of her own work, she is a one-stop-shop for creating dreamy, vocal-driven dance music.

This talent and work ethic led to Starya’s previous Tuff Ghost project boasting multiple collaborations with genre-bending house producer Durante and remixes for the versatile DJ/producer Mija (and a support slot on her nationwide tour).

Now under her current Starya moniker, the creative polymath unveils her debut single “The Garden” via Popgang Records. The magical, bloghouse-inspired track takes listeners on a journey through the artist’s evocative soundscape – mystical and full of mutated textures, “The Garden” showcases Starya’s seasoned production skills and her knack for vivid worldbuilding.

“The Garden” opens with a build that slowly combines layers of synths, backing vocal chops, folie sound effects, and thumping kick drums before washing away into a propulsive four-on-the-floor rhythm, leaving space for Starya’s enchanting, indie-pop vocal delivery and lyricism.

“Rainbow without warning/feel the sun feel the rain coming down/follow them to the garden/there’s a chest in the hole in the ground,” she sings, beckoning the listener further down the rabbit hole into her interdimensional garden.

The instrumental then breaks through to its cinematic electro-house sound, showcasing mind-altering, meticulously designed bass synths that cut through the song’s pounding club beat.

Starya’s other-worldly production instincts are on full display in “The Garden,” but she always brings it back to a tension-building and releasing progression with sonic details reminiscent of the absolute best of Underworld and The Chemical Brothers, forever destined to induce dancefloor frenzy.

Starya is ready to spread her liveshow prowess across the universe, having already played a residency at West Hollywood’s The Britely in May and gearing up for her debut performance at Brooklyn’s Elsewhere on Saturday, August 6.