One of Techno’s pioneering figures Gaetano Parisio after over 24 years of inception is relaunched his much revered label Conform Records.

To celebrate its return, label head Gaetano will be rereleasing the entirety of its back catalog in two parts — Conform 20th Century (1997-2000) out May 7thand Conform 21st Century (2000 onwards) out May 21st.

Unleashing these tracks to a modern audience for the first time, remastered for digital format from their original DAT masters, old and new fans alike will experience revived cuts from some of the industry’s leading names such as Adam Beyer, Ben Sims, C & G Southsystem (Gaetano Parisio & Marco Carola), Danilo Vigorito, Davide Squillace, Gaetek, Innersound, Markantonio, Stanny Franssen, The Advent, and Qmen.

Having built a reputation as one of the most respected and influential imprints in the industry, Conform championed artistic vibrancy and originality, representing the Neapolitan sound in all its untapped glory. Responsible for shaping dance music’s very foundations and for bringing Italy’s electronic music to the world stage, the label chartered some of the most cardinal cuts in techno’s rich history and now continues its sentiment to channel the innovative and authentic perspectives of its artists.

Stepping out of the spotlight for a decade to solely dedicate himself to the art of making music, the Naples-born artist reemerged in 2019, deciding to resume his contributions to the development of techno and to share his music once again. On a path to educate the next generation of techno fans on the genre’s early beginnings and to strip it of its now commercially-driven motive, Gaetano’s productions and label efforts are created with purity of intention, as he seeks to reestablish techno’s founding purpose; to promote unbounded creativity, free expression, and unity.