intermorph CYCLES

Referring to its title, this song explores the cycles of life and the concept of seasonality. Life comprises a series of cycles that mark the stages of our journey. At times, we encounter dark and gloomy phases; at other times, we enjoy moments of light and prosperity. However, the cycle ultimately repeats itself.

The key insight is that even though life operates in seasons, each moment offers us a unique opportunity that we can harness. Intermorph have endeavored to encapsulate this simple mantra within the theme of the track, maintaining a minimalist approach throughout. This is emphasized with a recurring dark melody that mirrors the changing seasons of this techno composition.

All the visuals for the song have been generated using a StyleGAN artificial intelligence model, trained over several months using handcrafted images of spray sketches. Additionally, Intermorph curated an art collection featuring 10 of the best images produced by this neural network. The collection can be viewed as a grid on Intermorph Instagram profile.