Boasting a catalogue of juggernaut releases from the likes of Space 92, Julian Jeweil, Andres Campo, Animal&Me, Anton Tomak, Stiv Hey and label boss POPOF already this year, France’s most prolific techno imprint, FORM Music, now unveils its next huge musical project of 2021, with the announcement of BILBONI’s mammoth Inverse EP. Welcoming the über-talented Slovenian producer for his long-awaited label debut, the huge three-part package is yet another profound showcase in dark, driving sonics from the boundary-pushing Parisian label, who seem to be going from strength to strength with each passing release in 2021. We sat down with Bilboni to find out more…

Hello BILBONI and a very warm welcome to Techno Mood! How are you?
Thank you and hello to all readers of Techno Mood. I am well…and always in a good mood! ?

Please can you introduce yourself to our Techno Mood readers?
My name is Goran Bilbija and I come from Slovenia. Music is part of my professional life for over 20 years now. In my career I produced various music genres, but I am mainly known for Techno. In the nineties, I formed a music band, that was soon discovered by well-known and established record companies. Later I moved into producing music for other musicians. Recently, I am creating my own music, mainly Techno, for which I quickly gained trust from top music producers and DJs in the field. My music is supported by record companies such as FORM Music, Orange rec., Say What?, Renesanz, Reload, Airborne Black, Miles From Mars etc. and DJs such as Joseph Capriati, Richie Hawtin, Fabio Florido, Paco Osuna, Ilario Alicante, Monika Kruse, Layton Giordani, Marco Faraone, Spektre, Ramiro Lopez, Rebecca to name a few.

Where does your artist name BILBONI come from?
It comes from my family name Bilbija. My friends used to call me “Bibi”, “Bilbo” and this is how I got the idea for “BILBONI ” ?

Who or what were your biggest musical influences growing up?
Richie Hawtin with his events ENTER in Ibiza changed completely my perception of music and electronic music in particular. His music and the energy he created at those events totally emersed me into this genre.

How did you first get into electronic music?
Many years ago, a friend invited me to Ibiza. For the first time I discovered Ibiza as a place for good music and parties. That was the start of a new stage of my music career and a new way of thinking how to produce electronic music.

Congratulations on your new release on FORM Music. Can you talk to us about the record?
Thank you. It is a privilege for me to be discovered by FORM Music, which I know and follow for a long time. All musicians working with them are exceptional artists and trendsetters that are beyond mainstream music. Therefore, I feel honored to be recognised as one of them.

How did you connect with POPOF and the label in the first instance?
The notorious POPOF who is also co-owner of FORM Music approached me through Instagram and asked me to prepare an EP. I was honored and thrilled to do that. The result is my best ever EP so far, which contains three songs with a massive sound. Find it out for yourself!

Can you tell us about the electronic music scene where you’re living right now?
The electronic music scene is almost non-existent. There are a couple of events per year, though compared to some other countries not worth to mention. I hope this will change in the future.

What are your favourite pieces of studio equipment right now? (Please name at least three)
My best and most expensive piece of studio equipment are ATC SCM45A Pro speakers. I bought them as a long-standing investment that is enabling me to create a better sound. The other two are the synthesizer Arturia MatrixBrute and Moog Sub37.

Can you tell us about some of your favourite non-electronic music artists?
Andrea Bocelli with his outstanding music, when I am in the mood for something different and of quality.

What have you got planned for the rest of the year?
I hope that COVID-19 time will soon be all forgotten, and the party scene will return back on track. I wish many engagements and gigs, because I really enjoy in them.

Any final words for our Techno Mood readers?
Keep on good tracks with Bilboni!