BJORN, a Swedish artist who’s been based across Berlin, London and Ibiza over the past few years has truly found his feet with impactful releases across a variety of labels. Earlier this year, BJORN launched his Magenta imprint, inviting music releases from the likes of Kadosh who joined him on his Majestic EP and most recently the likes of Italian, Ivory.

We got to hear more from the rising melodic talent, specifically on the labels progression, what his own festival would be like and of course, his latest release ‘Indigo’.

BJORN’s ‘Indigo’ EP is out now via Beatport

Tell us about your recent Magenta label project?
Hello guys! Is an exciting new electronic music imprint with a successful first half year. Our label from the start has shown various sides of BJORNs original music with highly talented artists and producers we admire a lot for remixes. First out was the fantastic Kadosh from Tel Aviv, then the second release we had the genius Italian Ivory and more great artists will be part of the Magenta label family very soon and we also next year introduce other artists’ releases.

Specifically, what inspired the sound for the label, who would you want to invite to release on it?
We will release music mainly focused on a futuristic and imaginative sound for positive emotions in the mood of electronic genres such as Melodic House/Techno and more.
Good question, honestly we have not thought of more names, besides of the ones that are lined up with some nice surprises this and next year. But the time will soon come to think about this. We also look forward to discovering new talents and inviting gifted artist friends that match the Magenta vibe.

Your music is melodic and comes with great impact, do you write music for events or for home listening?
Thank you, nice to hear this. My music productions during the pandemic naturally slowed down little in the tempo and intensity and turned out to be a great combination for either dancefloor to easy listening at home.

If you could host your own festival or event, what size would you like it to be and what kind of location?
I actually have been both DJ and Event organiser for a long time. So then I chose when I hosted with my former event brand at Blue Marlin Ibiza in the Cannes Film Festival Opening and in the event I played alongside my friend Super Flu, what a good time. And our team and I also had earlier made a big open air event in a castle ruin in South Sweden where I had the privilege to DJ the closing set in a b2b. Most unique with this party is that no public dancing events had taken place in over 500 years, so I must pick one for the fantastic experience in a historic

Share with us one of your favourite releases ever and tell us why this is the case?
Armand Van Helden feat Duane Harden – You don’t know me. What American legends! I have special memories connected to this timeless classic.

Duane Harden has such a powerful voice. And I have met him a few times over the years in Ibiza and one of these times we were guests in Pacha’s DJ booth when the legend David Morales was playing and he dropped this as a last tune to honour Duane and he started to sing along! Goosebumps!!!

The latest release on Magenta is the ‘Indigo’ EP, how happy are you with the results?
Yes, I’m overwhelmed by the fantastic support and feedback for all the tracks from the EP from many high profile djs to the radios globally and for the Beatport top charts and more. And It is a pleasure to speak with you.

What does the future hold for your music, do you have any events or shows in preparation?
My upcoming music will show even more diversity in the sounds and genres such as Indie Dance to Techno vibes, but the BJORN signature is still there. I will have one more release this year on Magenta. Then I can reveal that Magenta will later also have the most exciting release so far on the imprint. We are not sure in the new world when it is time to start up Magenta’s events and showcases, hopefully we will start in Ibiza. Thank you Techno Mood for having me.

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