Cadillac Express’ has his new release titled ‘Ritual’ out now on Family Piknik

How have you started the year, following what was a strange year in 2020?
I focus on being in the studio each day, being as creative as possible on my music and testing out new gear. I started to use analog synths and it opened up my musicality even more. 2020 has been a great step for me with my track Moonstore warmly played and supported, being regularly in the top beatport sales, catching up with great labels like Family Piknik, Siona and Beatfreak.. I can’t complain, my artist profile has grown a lot during the pandemic.

What has life been like in Russia during this time? Has dance music been dormant like everywhere else?
I feel like it’s a bit different here in Russia than in other countries. We’ve started to party again a few months ago and we have a good overall hold on this crisis. Our country has been on the forefront for vaccination and we are almost free from this virus.

What are the most prominent sounds there, is there anything or anyone you would like to highlight?
I don’t really look at trends, I think we have a very strong electronic scene in Russia. Of course, great headliners like Nina Kraviz but many talented artists get to known talents like Evgeniy Nuzhnov, for example, with whom I’ve started collaborating a lot in the studio. Melodic Techno is really strong in clubs at the moment but Dark Disco – Nu Disco is growing fast, too.

Tell us about working with Eugenia Nuzhnov and NOREQUEST on the latest ‘Ritual’ EP for Family Piknik Musik – how did you link up together?As I said, I’ve started collaborating a lot with my mate Evgeniy Nuzhnov as we have a strong musical connexion and friendship. We already released a few tracks together and they had huge feedback. For example, on Miss Monique’s label (Siona), we were very happy to see our music was so appreciated. About NoRequest, it’s the new alias of French producer Hugo Cantarra.

I got to know him last summer when my friends from label Family Piknik asked me to remix his track ‘The Sign’ along with UK singer Jinadu. He really liked my remix, we chatted on WhatsApp and we started to create music together. So we made 2 tracks, Dark Means Disco is part of the ‘Ritual EP’ on Family Piknik Music and it climbed the Beatport’s Indie Dance chart. The other one is more techno, it should be released before summer.

Both ‘Ritual’ and ‘Dark Means Disco’ have similarities but at the same time give off an incredibly different energy, what were the plans for this?
I always try to have a solid basis with my beat and then I can add my gimmicks. I also love playing with vocal samples to bring more hypnotizing mood to my music. So there’s always a balance between the dance floor and emotions in my tracks.

When you collaborate, do you find your sound differs a lot?
Not really, I collaborate with friends who are on the same page and have the same final expectations than I would have on my own.

Who are the biggest inspirations for you in the world of music and why?
It’s really difficult to answer that question because I’ve been listening to many different genres since more than a decade now. I like traditional russian music as much as electronic cold waves, Melodic House and harder Techno. I’ve started working on an album and it’s great because I can explore many different things, sometimes surprising for those who only know me as a dancing machine… I grew up next to Baikal lake so I have an unlimited vision and imagination!

Does it feel strange making music without playing DJ gigs? harder to find inspiration for example?
In Russia, we’ve started partying again for a few months, already. It’s an important part of my inspiration because I need to see reactions from the crowd to see how my tracks are efficient. I often change some details after testing my tracks in my DJ sets. I often play in small venues, where the booth is closed to the dancefloor, so you can not cheat on people!

What are the next projects you are set to share with the world?
I’m pretty productive in the studio so I have a long list of releases ready to be shared, with this first album as a new challenge to work on. I’m very happy to be on board with Family Piknik Music. They are like family for me now and they help me grow faster as an artist.

If you could share one track with us, one of your all time favourites, what would it be and why?
There are too many, of course. But I could tell you Wonderland Avenue – White Horses. By the way, I’ve started to remix it for fun, I love the hook and the vocals, it makes me feel good.