Welcome to Techno Mood! How are you?
Thank you for having me!

Where are you in the word right now?
I´m in the studio, and when I’m in the lab I travel to another universe, where all that matters is love and the passion for music.

Can you tell us about Cold Smack Attack? Why was now the time to start a new project?
This hard times put us all into perspective, and I was no different. It brought back the hunger and the itch for dance music in me, and all those months where the world stopped made me draw all my attention into music, it was my saviour, its definitely been my way out of all this madness.

What’s your vision for the project? Do you have goals that you are aiming for in the future?
My vision for Cold smack attack is to spice up the game a little bit, help everybody thru out this hard times with music that uplifts your spirit, music that helps you set yourself free.

What influences your sound? What gives you inspiration to produce new music?
I have a very broad collection of records, and I listen to all sorts of music, actually I rarely listen to electronic music, so my inspiration comes from everywhere except electronic music mostly, and when it does its from the golden era what touches me.

Tell us about your new music, the variation in sound is really interesting. Is that something you had planned or did it come naturally?
Its definitely organic, what you hear in a Cold Smack Attack song its elements from at least 3 different musical genres, at least! I bring elements from everywhere for the electronic music audience to enjoy basically, I translate it into their language.

What was the reason for starting your own label? Was it to take full control over your music?
Indeed, my musical concept its way to broad to expect the actual scene to cope with it, so we started the label to avoid politics and bs. We will see if somewhere across the line we will work with labels. Time will tell.

If you had to choose one opening track and one closing track for your first gig back, what would they be and why? Or if you have already played, what were they?
I remember once, one of my buddies, standing next to me on stage, It was 10 minutes to start my set, and a DJMag Top 100 Headliner was killing the set, my buddy asked me, yo! What are you going to play? And I answered: I have no idea, well see when I get behind the decks, I´ll look at the crowd, feel them, then I´ll look into my music and the answer is always there, not a minute before.

What makes a good party for you?
The connection between the DJ and the crowd. If that connection is good, if they can speak the same musical language, it can be forever remembered, become legendary.

What would you like to see change about the dance music scene as a whole?
I would like to see producers being free musically and not getting caught up in trying to sound like this or that, I would like to see producers getting a broader understanding of what the art of music is and taking the musicality to a higher level.

Are you working on anything else that you’d like to tell us about?
We just dropped 8 tracks in 8 weeks for the summer, now we will drop 2 tracks every month till the end of the year to let the world know what CSA it’s about, then 2022 will come with a breath of fresh air. Can’t wait!