Francis De Simone

Hey Francis, thanks for chatting with us today! How are you and whereabouts are you based right now?
Hi guys a pleasure chatting with you today, actually I’m at home in Palermo Italy ….

How is the music scene doing there at the moment following the impact of the pandemic?
In my opinion, I think that after the pandemic music evolved in a better way as people were able to spend a lot more time understanding new techniques and developing new ideas …

We’re pleased to be chatting with you around a milestone moment in your career with your debut release on the revered Hot Creations imprint – the four track ‘London Bass’ EP. What can the listeners expect from this release?
I’m so thankful for this moment in my life , “London Bass “ for me is pure good energy

Can you tell us the story behind this EP and its inspiration?
It was a time in my life where I was fully inspired listening to various music genres. For example in “Saludos a Todos “ you will be able to hear the Latin influence, and in “This is Underground” you can hear the 80’s music style with a big kick and snare …

The release comes at the back end of what has been a packed year of releases from you, appearing on the likes of REALM Records, LW Recordings, Glasgow Underground and more. Congrats on a great year. How has the year been for you as an artist from your point of view?
As a producer it was a really complicated year, but I always find the answers in my music, and I am very thankful that so many labels signed my music!

Could you talk us through your creative process? And are there any key pieces of equipment or software in your workflow?
I don’t have a creative process, everything starts from an inspiration for example a sound I heard during the day or a voice from the street, then I go to the studio and go from there! In the studio a MIDI Keyboard is essential.

What would your top studio tip be?
Invest in a drum machine and a MIDI keyboard!

Great to chat with you today Francis and congrats on ‘London Bass’. To finish off, is there anything else on the way that we should know about?
Thank you for your time , It was a pleasure spend times with you ….. and I hope people will like “London bass” “Saludos a todos” !!!