Laure is an emerging artist from the Parisian techno scene. From IDM to Industrial Techno, with a touch of Acid, she makes music with real emotion, and her tracks have been supported by artists like Kerstin Eden, Joseph Capriati, Paul Nineham, Jon Connor and Paco Osuna.

Her latest release is A Confused Mind EP. As its name suggests, is explores territory where good and evil are difficult to distinguish, where each decision seems impossible to make, and each happy moment eventually turns into loneliness. As a cathartic moment, this EP, reflects both the determinism of certain periods of life, and the mad desire to get out of it.

Hi Laure, great to have you with us today! How are things with you and whereabouts are you chatting with us from?
Hello! Thank you so much for having me! Right now, I live in Paris and things are going great here, with the release of my next EP and my September gigs, I’m very busy and grateful.

Who are your biggest musical influences and why?
I grew up with a home full of music, and especially House and Techno music. My mom has been passionate about Techno since the 90s. During my childhood, I was passionate about deep and melancholic moods in music, from Portishead to Lana del Rey. My biggest influences in this Techno with harshness and melancholia mood are Elise Massoni, Ellen Allien, Antigone, Stanislav Tolkachev, Bjarki.

Tell us about the Parisian underground scene in 2022, what are some of the most exciting scenes or trends you can see emerging?
Right now the techno scene is still recovering from Covid, but we can still see collectives keep on the great work of organizing underground events. This is a the great thing about music, nothing can really stop people to dance. I am very happy with the current changes in the Parisian scene, a lot of things are organized to keep everyone safe and to organize inclusive parties, even though there is still progress to make.

How did you hook up with Enlace Records for your latest EP?
The manager of Enlace Records discovered my work through another artist of the label, it was about 1 year and a half. Then we discussed about what we could do together, he became my agent and then the idea of the EP came by itself.

Can you tell us about the inspiration behind the title of this one?
I wanted to create an EP that translates uncertain periods that we can go through in relationships. When you have a lot of doubts but still a lot of love to give. When you know the good decision but you don’t know if you will be able to take it. This is with this messy and uncertain mood that I wrote “A Confused Mind”.

For you, what was the best era of techno music, when creativity was at its highest?
Today, as artists we have to spend a LOT time on creating content for social media and promotion. When techno music was still totally underground, a greater part of the artist time was dedicated to creation. But we must recognize that the new technologies give to everyone the possibility to create and experiment, and this is a great thing for driving creativity.

What does the process of creating new tracks look like for you?
When I create a track, I generally have a mood and some inspirations in mind. First, I put a simple kick and try some notes with synths, then I put together 30 seconds and export it. Then I listen to it again the next week, and decide if this was an idea I want to keep up with.

Are there any specific bits of kit or studio gear that were prominent in the latest production?
Today, I do everything directly in Ableton, because I love the freedom of creating from anywhere. For this EP, I used mainly Serum and Zebra. For the future, I hope to be able to acquire more hardware and to create directly on analog synths.

Thanks a lot for chatting with us! To round off, is there anything else that you’d like to share with us?
It was nice talking with you, thanks again! There are a lot of projects coming up, so stay tuned 🙂