LevyM is one of the most promising rising Dutch DJ and Producers of the current moment, having been widely supported by an array of electronic music stars, including Black Coffee, we found further interest in the stunning new sounds coming from his locker. His Time Traveller EP is now out on My Other Side Of The Moon and we got to speak to him about a variety of topics, including the music and also how he’s kept busy and adapted over the past few months.

How have you evolved and adapted in the last year, what has kept you busy?
Hi, thanks for this chat. My main job is being a manager and teacher in education, an intensive 21st-century job and that part of my life literally stood still for a few months. I used that moment to come closer to myself. I started meditating and running. And of course, I made a lot of music.

How do you feel about the anti-lockdown protests in the Netherlands?
I have seen indirectly how dangerous the coronavirus can be. I have also seen what is asked of our care workers, which is really bizarre. I have agreed with myself not to make too many political statements as a musician. The right to protest is very important, but it must not endanger public health.

What got you into dance music in the first place? Why does it excite you?
My parents have traveled a lot. I was in my mother’s womb when they were in America. When I was 12 they went to Ibiza with me and my sister and from that moment we went on holiday to Ibiza every year. When I was 15 my father took me to Privilege, where Tïesto was playing. I saw that during this nightlife people could escape their hectic life for a moment. That intrigued me. From club music in clubs to lounge music at beaches, it became a part of me.

What’s your style, your vibe, your signature – what most important to you when making music?
I think if you know my music you can also recognize if something is mine or not. I love to make an exciting, musical break and I often use African accents. Currently, I’m mainly working on Afrohouse and Deephouse. I really compose what I feel and I don’t take into account anything else than what I feel at that moment.

You have a new EP on the way on My Other Side Of The Moon – tell us about it, the inspiration and so on?
I am really happy to have this release on My Other Side Of The Moon. It started with the track “Time Traveller”. I wanted to go back to the time before COVID-19, but at the same time, I want to go to the moment after COVID-19. I had recorded almost all instruments in one take. That high sine synth came in one go. I tried to express the feeling of time travel in music, and I am happy with the result. I couldn’t have imagined a better remix than Neil’s.

I also have much respect for Nomvula who immediately hit the instrumental of ‘Without It’ with her words. During this long break, I tried to imagine Hï Ibiza after COVID-19, where the audience is drawn into the atmosphere of the song. In this crazy time, it is important to imagine how the world will be when everything will return to normal. The inspiration will be endless.

What gear did you use?
I work with Ableton. I use software and hardware and a lot of instruments that I record live, such as shakers, bongo, and djembe.

What does it feel like to get support from Black Coffee? Is there anybody else you’d like to support your music?
It feels great to be supported by Black Coffee. It is really unique to see how involved he is with upcoming artists. An example like him can motivate you incredibly as an artist. He started with supporting my first tracks and now I even appear on his editorial Spotify playlists. I have no specific desire to be supported by anyone. Even if there is only one person in the world who becomes happy while listening to a song of mine, it makes me happy.

What else are you working on, feels like there is a real buzz around your music right now?
I just do what I like and make the music I feel like at that moment. I do notice that more and more beautiful projects are coming my way! And there is certainly more to come. Exciting collaborations with Lizwi, Aymos, and Elise de Koning, among others. What I really like is that there will be remixes of my upcoming originals by CeeelAssaad, FNX Omar, and Ralf Gum, to name a few. How cool is that? In addition, I continue to work on originals, but I am now also remixing a number of cool projects by amazing artists.

Finally when will events be back, and how different will they be compared to before?
We are living in a crazy time right now. Everyone longs for life as it was before COVID-19, including the dance music scene. Nightlife will return to normal. Believe me, it is in us as humans to enjoy it immensely for a few weeks and then see it as normal again, as if nothing had happened. I can’t wait to dance again. Oh, ‘Dance Again’ is also the title of a new track coming soon on Connected 🙂