Today we welcome our next guest, Lucas Alexander. Hailing from Cardiff, the Welsh and Jamaican artist is currently in the midst of a milestone year; earlier in 2022 Lucas returned to Moxy Muzik with a release that’s sure to be heard throughout the summer months, ‘La Di Da’.
Most recently in May, Lucas made his debut on Richy Ahmed’s Four Thirty Two imprint. Out now, Lucas’ ‘FM Dial EP’ takes influences from his UKG roots and packages them in three original house cuts alongside a remix from Seb Zito. We caught up with the man of the moment to find out more about the EP, enjoy!

Lucas, a pleasure to have you with us! How are you doing?
All good here, thanks for having me.

We’re excited to be chatting following the release of your ‘FM Dial’ EP – your debut on Richy Ahmed’s FOUR THIRTY TWO imprint. Congrats here on a standout EP. Can you give us a summary of this EP in your own words?
Thank you, the reception on this one has been amazing, I feel like we covered a fair few angles. I’ve seen FM Dial destroy more than a few dance floors now and for me, Sebs remix is nothing short of a masterpiece. Itchy Feet is possibly my favourite creation to date, and Move It provides those feel good, hands in the air moments. All in all, I think we have something to fit a few different occasions on this EP.

With pirate radio influences, the EP fittingly features a remix from UK icon Seb Zito who puts his mark on the title track, FM Dial. What did you make of Seb’s remix when you first heard it?
Yes exactly that, Seb couldn’t be more perfect for the job. The first time I heard it was a video he posted road testing it. I loved it from the get go and it looked like the crowd felt the same! Once the final touches were made and I heard it nice and loud on the speakers, I knew we had something special.

It seems that EP is picking up some real heat now; amongst various DJ support and plays on the likes of KISS, you were recently picked out by Beatport as one of six artists to watch in May, a big look! How does it feel to be getting that kind of recognition on your music?
It’s an amazing feeling! It always is when something you’ve spent hours and hours creating receives any type of support. This one is particularly special as I wouldn’t even try to guess the amount of producers releasing on beatport across May…! To be one of the six really is unbelievable.

You recently performed once again on London’s ‘bloop’ radio station, how was it and is there anywhere our readers can listen back to that?
Yes love bloop, they have such a good set up and always have wicked DJs spinning! Shout out to Stanley Hood for having me on once again, it’s a really good chance to showcase some deeper sounds. I play a lot of music from up and coming producers, many of them mates that are killing it at the moment! Bloop is a good platform to push artists that some may not have discovered yet. You can listen back to that show and a load of other mixes by clicking the link in my Instagram bio.

We’re pleased to see you have a busy summer ahead of you too, including a debut in Barcelona? What can you tell us about that?
Yes I’m looking forward to Barcelona massively, it’s quite possibly my favourite city. It’s a Moxy party and the line up is world class, Darius Syrossian, Ben Rau, Sidney Charles, Fabe. On top of that you have one of the most exciting artists I’ve met in a while, Paige Tomlinson! Her sets are quality and her track selection is just next level! June 18th will definitely be one of the best days of the year.

Over on your SoundCloud page, we saw that you recently kickstarted your ‘Rarebit Radio’ series, what’s the idea behind this?
Yes this is something I’d been doing for a while and originally called it ‘Lucas Live’. After 19 episodes I wanted to rebrand, relaunch and really give it a go. The idea behind it is to showcase the full spectrum of sounds that I play. A lot of Dj sets are just an hour and you don’t get to explore the library. With Rarebit Radio I get to play some deeper and more stripped back music, we shine a light on some of my favourite producers, we bring back an old favourite and you can listen back to a recording from my favourite set that month. I share a few stories and interview some fellow artists here and there. I think it makes for an interesting listen and is much more personal than just uploading a mix.

What’s next for you from here?
Non-stop studio is always top of the list, I want to be considered in that top of the game conversation! I love DJing more than I can express but in years to come I want to look back and not only say I played all over the world, but be able to listen back to my music that soundtracked all those unbelievable adventures

Great to chat with you Lucas! To finish things off, is there anything else you’d like to share with our readers?
Would just like to say thank you for any and all support, it really does mean a lot. Head over to my Instagram (@djlucasalexander) to find out all past, present and future Music and gigs. Thanks again.