Hi mink, it’s great to be talking with you today. Could you start by talking about your style and telling us some of your main influences?
My style can be described as groovy house & techno. many of my early influences came from classic house, disco/funk & hip-hop. i’ve been playing records in a variety of rooms since i was 13 which gave me the ability to read different kinds of crowds and adapt to the energy seamlessly. by opening myself up to different genres and artists, i curated my personal style as the music that makes you feel something. When it comes to my artist influences, i have a range of names that could go on forever, from Mr. G all the way to Kool & the Gang, to DJ I’m back to Ben Klock and Danny Tenaglia to name a few.

How did you first discover electronic music and was there a specific moment that you realized you wanted to make your own tracks?
My brothers, cousins and family friends have always been in love with the scene, it was only a matter of time until I picked it up. Since the beginning of my career I’ve attended parties with proper DJ’s, sometimes as the youngest attendee. Hearing particular records during some of my favorite DJ sets gave me goosebumps. I always try to channel that feeling, every time I step into my studio. Producing goes hand in hand with attending countless shows and DJ’ing which can be interpreted as curating. I remember being 16 in NYC and hearing “The Cure and the Cause” for the first time in an outdoor venue, the vibe was immaculate. Everyone was dancing, smiling and not worried about the rain. Years later I attended my first “Day Zero” experience which gave me a similar feeling and I was amazed by the atmosphere, production quality and music. Pure class. Off the top of my head these moments which made me feel out of body were key for my path into the scene, especially when I saw that I can make others feel the same.

I understand your next release is on a label called Teksupport, could you talk us through the EP?
I went away for a nature retreat and was listening to music for an entire night and one particular song struck me. Days later when I forgot about it, I attended a Teksupport show and heard the same song. I was back in the same place, same time, immediately and I wanted others to join me. The magnitude of feelings and familiarity made me rush to my studio and create. I captured what I felt and put it into these records. I love their aura. 4 big records. Dark, driving, grooves.

Your next EP also has a remix from P.Leone, did you have a hand in picking him to rework your music, and what are your personal thoughts on his remix version?
Sal! yes, I had a hand in choosing a wish list of producers but ultimately decided on P.Leone because of our long history. We played music together a few times over the course of 10 years, a mega talent who is also from Brooklyn, New York. No brainer for me. His mix is quality as expected!

What other labels have you worked with, and have you released under any other artist names?
I recently released a track called “Jung” on a VA for On Edge Society. I haven’t released under another alias but have a large catalog outside of house music.

Talking of artist names, what is the story behind the decision to call yourself mink?
It’s a word that my friends used as an inside joke. When I was thinking about names I randomly googled mink and stumbled upon a meaning in the urban dictionary. One example of a definition was “the DJ at the club was mink” the rest is history. It is typically spelled “mink” all lower case. similar to bell hooks, i use it to place the focus on my work rather than my name by not capitalizing the m.

Do you have anything else already lined up in your schedule, as we would certainly like to hear more of your music?
I’m currently working with the launch of a new label and in talks with a few respected ones that I can’t wait to share them with you soon.

Outside of electronic music do you have any other passions or interests that influence you as a person?
I enjoy turntablism which isn’t typically just electronic music. I grew up practicing different scratches with both hands. Outside of music I love the game of basketball. Unfortunately I’m a die hard Knick fan. I love being in nature and connecting with myself, as we all need some fresh air here and there.

It has been great to learn more about you, is there anything else you would like to add before we bring this chat to a close?
I know that life towards mid/end of 2020 was difficult for many of us in this industry. Stay positive and we will be back soon… and always remember the underground will never die.