One of the most exciting outfits currently emerging from the Ukrainian scene, Off Night first met 6 years ago whilst cutting their teeth behind the decks as club residents in Kiev. After playing alongside each other for many years they decided to combine their creative vision and experience creating the project Off Night.

Inspired by the sounds form the 80s the duo have already made a serious statement within the scene. With their first release featuring the legendary Robert Owens, being supported by Pete Tong on his BBC Radio 1 show, and industry heavyweights Sascha Braemer and Oliver Schories agreeing to remix the track, this duo look to have a seriously bright future ahead.

They now return to De Sad Secret for a huge new single “Run”, which is due to be released on July 30th.

Hey Off Night, welcome to Techno Mood! How are you?
Hey, all good, we are in a great techno mood 😉

Where are you guys in the world right now?
We are based in the capital of Ukraine – Kiev. It’s a great city to live and to party!

How is the scene looking over in Kiev? Are things picking up again?
Full ON here. Restrictions are down, clubs are open, more big events are coming!

What would you like to see change about the dance world once we all return?
The world has already changed and will never be the same. Let’s see what it brings to the dance industry, but we can definitely say that the strongest will survive.

How did you survive the last year, what did you learn about yourself?
Music, family, sport all helped us. Also we learned that we are a great team and thats why we started the “Off Night” project together

Did you enjoy the time off from playing shows?
We still played small shows here and there but during full lockdown making music helped us.

Can you tell us a bit about your debut EP? It must have been amazing to have Robert Owens on your first track, how did that come about?
Robert is a true legend and the “voice of house music”. It was always a dream to work with him, since we just started listening to house music. So we created a demo with his vocal cuts and sent them to him to check. He liked it and agreed to do a collab with us.

You also pulled in two big names to remix the track, how did you link with Sascha Braemer and Oliver Schories?
We have been following Sascha & Oliver for a long time and have been playing their tracks. So first of all, we wrote to them and are very glad that they agreed to remix the track.

What gear do you have in the studio? Hardware or software? Do you care about the tools you use?
The most important is the idea, tools are secondary. We do most of our tracks “in the box” but we do full analog mixing and mastering, this is very important part, as we think.

What else you working on/have you got coming up?
We have new massive single coming out 30 July. The track is called “Run” and it’s long awaited by us and our followers.

What are some of your big aspirations for your career?
We like what we do, music is our passion, and money & big career is not the main goal but would be great to get a piece of this pie also 😉