ORLY GAL has acted as an essential Producer, DJ and Curator, providing the Los Angeles and International Techno Underground communities with memorable moments for well over a decade.  
Drawing from influences rooted in Dark Wave, Punk and Rock; The Mexican born, Israeli and Europe national’s taste contrasts esoteric overtones alongside high-energy rhythms found in the modern hard dance sound. Supporting  a long list of acts like Regis, Takaaki Itoh and Dubfire ; Orly has cultivated a knack for finding the right balance of high energy tracks and pushing the aural envelope of her listeners.  With releases on KD Raw, Ushuaia Music, DZB Records, Blok Recordings, Understated at Night  & Haustronaut Recordings. Orly is a also the host and founder of FMLA, a Los Angeles a media channel dedicated to showcasing the Masterminds that drive The Electronic Music Movement.

Orly Gal – thanks for chatting to us! It’s great to have another talented female in the music world. Can you tell us how you started out as a DJ / Producer and what your goals for 2022 are?
Thanks for having me! Started my journey 13 years ago while still playing with my band at the time. The energy back in 2009 Chicago was infectious and really allowed me to blossom as a DJ. I’ve always loved the energy of curating a vibe and have had the chance to play alongside some of my heroes over the last decade. As for the production side of things, I got started 5 years ago and have been on a self-discovery path that continues to evolve and I can’t wait to see where it leads. 2022 is going to be full of releases, travels, and dancefloors!

We see you are based in Los Angeles. It’s having quite a moment with its underground nightlife scene – can you tell us a little about clubs and nights you can recommend in the city?
This city can be really enchanting if you know where to go! Goes without saying that local promoters and collectives work around the clock to curate some of the most incredible events to bring the Techno community to life; Seeing the underground thrive in the last few years has been a blessing.
To answer your question, there’s no shortage of good parties happening in LA at all times. You just gotta do a bit of digging!

If someone wants to hear your music, can you tell us a set you have done which you are most proud of that we can play online?
Been really finding my sound with the upcoming releases and I think the latest Technostate mix really highlights my current headspace…

You are releasing a new collab single ‘My Mind’ with Luis Miranda who is also based in America. Did you guys work in the studio together on this track?
Indeed, we are really lucky to live in the same city. Working with Luis is always an adventure and I think we complement each other very well in the studio. He’s able to bring a technical approach to production that is reflective of his extensive experience and musicianship. On our latest collab, “My Mind,” we really honed in on a high-energy track reminiscent of what we’ve been grooving on as of late. Excited to see how the community responds to it.

It’s also your debut on Kaiserdisco’s label KD RAW – do you plan to release more on this label in 2022?
Frederick and Patrick have been amazing to work with and I’d love to collaborate with them again soon.

You run FMLA, Host Of Frequently Mentioned which is a live streaming channel in LA. Can you tell us what this is and more about it?
Since the beginning of FMLA, my goals have been to highlight the infrastructure of our industry. Depending on who stopped by, we’d have a conversation, a drink and sometimes end the night with a back 2 back set. I’ve had the chat with promoters, record label owners, collectives and artists in an attempt to find out what drives them. Definitely a passion project I continue to keep growing as we get to tour season.

Can you name some of the most inspirational females who have carved a path for themselves in music?
Women in Techno are a force of nature and continue to inspire my journey every day. To name a few: Lady Maru, Miss Kittin, Nicole Moudaber and Magda have been instrumental. I’m inspired by all the women out they’re making a mark in the music industry.