How are you, what’s good and bad in your world right now?
Hi everyone everything is pretty good with us at the moment. Myself and Jake have been working in the studio a lot on new music.

How have you survived the last year? What got you through it?
It’s been hard but we’ve managed exceptionally well to be honest. We’ve just been focusing on our brands and radio shows. Luckily we were able to work through FaceTime and email on track ideas throughout the lockdown.

Where do you stand on the people playing plague raves?
We have no issue with anyone enjoying themselves however they can as that’s how the underground scene started.

Tell us about your new one on Kittball – what inspired it?
Myself and Jake have been working on our minimal sound for a while and feel this track best represents our sound and the route we want to take within the industry.

What gear did you use to write it? Are you bothered about the tools you have?
We create all our tracks using logic x and machine studio we have a few synths like the mini nova and bass station which we use and resample sounds from.

Do you make tunes to play in your own DJ sets, are the two related like that?
Yes we have a few releases under our belt now and often play our tracks within our DJ sets.

Has it been weird making music with no club feedback, no DJ experiences?
No not really as we are confident of the sound we make within our studio environment.

What will it be like to return to proper DJ gigs after so long away? What was the standout memory?
We played a few DJ sets in Ibiza a few years ago and it would be great to get back out and DJ again on a regular basis now we have found the right sound for us going forward.

What else have you got coming up/are you working on?
We’ve got plenty of tracks in the pipeline and we are currently working with a vocalist on another minimal house track which should sound massive.