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1. Hi guys, a very warm welcome to Techno Mood. Great to have you with us for the first time. Please can both of you introduce yourselves to our Techno Mood readers ?

Pfirter: Hola! I’m Pfirter, argentinian music producer currently based in Barcelona.
Oliver: Hello. Thx for the invite. I am Oliver Rosemann, a producer, DJ and Live Act living in Leipzig, Germany.

2. How has your 2020 been so far ?

Pfirter: It’s been super busy and with many changes. Just moved to a new house/studio up in the mountains in Barcelona and i had great fun in my latest dj touring 🙂

Oliver: It was a good one i think. I’ve had great time as a producer but in privat too.

3. Congratulations on the release of your collaborative 4-track EP on MindTrip. Can you talk to us about the record and the creative process behind it ?

Pfirter: For this year, i planned to work on a few collaborations with other artists (i just released a collab with Par Grindvik on Leyla Records) and Oliver felt like a very good match. Oliver lives in Germany so we couldnt work in the same studio at the same time, so the workflow consisted in Oliver sending me loops that he created with his hardware, and i worked on that as starting point to achieve finished productions. We focused on solid and straight forward driving Techno tracks.

Oliver: Thank you, i am very happy with this release. Yo its just like you do a boat trip and each is allowed to take the helm and steer the ship. I think we ended in a very nice place! So one throws in some ideas, these were merged with the ideas of the other one, thrown back and so on and on. Its very interesting and a lot of fun and with Juan Pablo it fits super good.

4. This is your firs EP together how everything started ?

Pfirter: I’ve been playing Oliver’s tracks for a while now but believe it or not, we never actually met in real life, although we’ve been in touch as he already released on MindTrip’s Mutable Minds series before and we share each other’s music regularly, so it felt natural to start creating tracks together and try to highlight each other’s strengths.

Oliver: I had a forthcoming release on Connwax which was planned with a remix included. So the Connwax Crew and I discussed about the Remix-Artist and we came up with Juan Pablo quickly because we like his works a lot. Juan Pablo and I knew each other from the releases i had on his MindTrip, my Intermediate World EP most recently. So I asked him to do the remix and he accepted. The remixing process harmonised very well so we decided to start this collab!

5. What are your favourite pieces of studio equipment right now ? (Please name at least three)

1.Boss BX-80
2.Behringer MS-101
3.Waldorf Pulse Plus

Oliver: I always try to limit my equipment in the studio to only a few devices. This motivates yourself to dive deeper into it which elicits creativity. At present i am using the Behringer Neutron and the Elektron Digitone in addition with some FX from Eventide.

6. Top 5 favourite records you love to play out at the moment ?

Kr!z – Imperative Needs
Pfirter & Oliver Rosemann – Untitled 4
Sleeparchive – Tower
Ruhig – Coil
Pfirter & Grindvik – Speed

Oliver: Oh there is too much good music to name just 5. I play tracks from Hayes, Ōcktawian, Pfirter, PWCCA, Sleeparchive, Irakli and a lot more on the same great level.

7. What both of you got planned for the rest of the year ?

Pfirter: Musicwise, i have several releases on the way: some collaborations for compilations on Angls, Tsunami, Srie Records, lot of new material on MindTrip of course, as well as a few EP’s confirmed on Stockholm LTD and a couple other nice labels which i shouldnt mention right now 🙂

Oliver: Beeing creative all the way 🙂 Some more music coming out this year. For example an Album soon and more tracks of our Collab too!  I’m also looking forward to upcoming gigs. The next are in Leipzig, Berlin and Poland.

8. Tell us something we might not know about both of you …

Pfirter: I talk while sleeping.

Oliver: I am Spiderman.  ^^

9. Any final words for our Techno Mood readers ?

Pfirter: It’s 2020; focus on the music and forget about the hype.

Oliver: Keep it real. Dont trust the hype. Do what you love. Take care of nature!