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Hello Quenum, what’s happening in your life right now?
I have my new podcast out on Fasten Music Japan, super pleased with that. Check it out:

Right now I’m working a lot in the studio on my music productions and I’m looking forward to releasing all that pretty soon.

What’s your typical day like?
I run nearly every day, that’s my addiction. Then I usually have food at home and go to my studio, which is in a very cool artist community in Geneva. I have mates around, so sometimes we’ll take a break and have coffee together, then back to work.

I see you’ve been busy in 2020 with lots of new music
Yes, as you know since the beginning of the pandemic our industry has suffered so much. All my gigs disappeared overnight. I also miss the traveling that goes with playing. But I tried to stay positive and instead focused on production. My top release this year was my EP on Rebellion, Valley of True People.

That’s also the name of the main track, which has been on top Spotify playlists in over 70 countries. I’ve gotten so much positive feedback from fans and from my peers, and that’s very special. I was also lucky to have fun moments in the studio with other artists, and good mates, like Mathew Jonson. I had a great time working with my son on a track called Like A River, released on an EP for Davide Squillace’s label.

Looking back, how will you remember 2020?
Like the worst year in my life. Obviously like everyone I’ve had to deal with Covid. But the worst happened in November, my little sister passed away after an operation that went wrong. It was horrible, just the worst thing that’s happened to me. I spent a lot of time with my family, we’re a big and tight group, so that helped.

You’ve talked before about the role of your family as a musical influence, tell us about it.
Growing up, in our house there was music playing 24/7. I spent a big part of my childhood in Ivory Coast, and we listened to a lot of African music, and everything else too. My father used to give me a monthly budget for buying records ☺ At one point I was considering a career in dance, but then got into clubbing. There are many dance and music professionals in my family. My brother has a dance company, my nephew is a hip-hop producer, my son studies at the conservatory. We’re a music crazy family, for sure!

Old school or new school?
I think that debate is over, take the best of both! For sure it’s good to have longevity in this business. I’ve built so many friendships, and the respect of my peers is definitely something that gives me a lot of satisfaction. At the same time, I love my job because it allows me to stay connected to what’s new and it keeps me young. Music brings all people together, from all backgrounds and all ages, and I love that. Probably what is old school about me is how I look at the job of a DJ. For me it’s not about the looks and the flashy stuff, it’s about making my audience happy, sharing beautiful music and giving positive energy to people.

Tell us what’s coming up in 2021?
A lot of what I worked on in 2020 will be released. I worked in London with Rich NxT, very cool guy, a great musician and a good friend. We’re going to release our EP on Infuse at the beginning of 2021. I’m very excited about that. And then more releases during the year, including an EP on AdMaiora with remixes by
DeWalta and Cristi Cons. I’m lucky to be able to work with all these great artists, especially because I love their music and we’re all good mates. I cannot work with someone if I don’t have a good feeling with them.

3 tracks you loved in 2020?
Christophe Calpini – Are U 1 Of Us feat. Lyn
Ozay Moore “WSTCST (feat. Tony Ozier & Teeko)
Kamau and the Wolf – Work

Your favorite drink
Gin and Tonic. I was teetotal for eight years, so I’m letting loose now.

What are you good at cooking?
I always have a little bit of salt fish around that I can mix with rice or cassava. I make a mean tarte tatin (upside down caramelized apple tart), but I haven’t done that in years. I use a whole stick of butter to do that, which means I need to do a lot of running!

Final words?
Thanks so much for having me on Techno Mood. I send my love and positive vibes to everyone, we’ll come out of this and party with more heart!