Hi Rudosa, great to have you with us. Please can you introduce yourself to our readers?
Hey I’m Rudosa, a Techno producer and DJ based in Manchester UK.

Your roots lie in Manchester, how has the Manchester scene contributed to your style?
The scene here in Manchester has massively contributed to my style, right from the start of my clubbing days going to Sankeys through to being a resident there and having my first studio based above the club. Manchester has a great music scene and always has a great pool of talent coming from it. Every week I’d be blessed with new and diverse acts coming to the club downstairs and would watch them before heading upstairs to craft my own sound. Manchester also has The Warehouse Project which I was a regular at and now play for.

You started your own music school in Manchester ‘Make Me a DJ’ around 10 years ago, congratulations for its longevity. What drove you to creating this project and how has it changed over the years?
First of all it started as a way to fund my studio and help others learn as this wasn’t easily available for me when I started. This has now grown into having our own building with 4 studios and 4 staff members. It’s nice to give something back and help up and coming artists, as well as having a base for my tutors to build studios and fund their own careers through teaching. I think it’s really important to share knowledge with the next generation of artists and to encourage that creativity.

How did the remix with Joyhauser come about, did you know each other before?
We have been supporting each other’s music for the past few years and chatting online. The opportunity came up for me to remix a big record of theirs so they asked and that was it, I started work on it straight away!

You’ve had huge support from techno heavyweights such as Carl Cox, Ritchie Hawtin and Amelie Lens. What does their support mean to you?
It’s huge to have the ongoing support of these artists. Without big DJ support it’s hard for you to stand out from other people. The correct video of a DJ playing your record can really make the success of a track and boost your career. It’s also immensely gratifying to have validation from some of the industry’s most successful artists, it means you’re doing something right!

You now run your own record label, Moments in Time. What are the qualities you look for in a track or artist who releases on your label?
The record has to make me lose myself. I’m not just looking for a banger that’s similar to what’s out already out there. It needs it to make me lose track of the time and place and really just zone in – it has to have soul to it. The label’s name stems from this very idea. It’s a celebration of those tracks that bring you back to one single moment in time which stays with you forever.

You have a new release coming out soon, Dominance. What inspirations did you bring to this track?
With this one I knew I wanted a peak time Acid record and I knew I wanted the vocal ‘Dominance’ which I had already recorded. It was a case of finding the combination of tough Acid with the correct drum groove to carry the track. I had a few artists in mind for the record and I’m pleased that they’ve all been supporting the track in their sets.

How does the creation of a track usually begin for you? What software and hardware do you use for production?
I use and combination of Ableton and Logic to produce. I mainly start off in Ableton working on Kicks and Low end. My favourite plugins for this are the d16 punchbox and trillian for bass. Once I have the low end magic I’ll change the way I work every time. Sometimes I go straight into adding drums, other times I find a lead sound with a synth.

What is your favourite track for the climax of your sets?
This changes a lot for me depending on where and what time I’m going to play. At the moment I’m enjoying looking back at old techno records and using them at key times of my sets. That’s the great thing about music, it’s timeless and I think it’s really important to honour these staple tracks that have ultimately helped shape the course of Techno.

What are your musical plans for 2020?
The plan is to keep building the momentum with a steady string of releases over the next few months. I have the upcoming VA compilation on Moments In Time (002), A Remix on Tronic of a Frank Bazzi classic, a single of Umeks 1605 and a single on Monika Kruse Terminal M.

Thanks for your time, all the best
Thanks for having me!