A former resident of New York City and founder of AKUMANDRA label, Sainte Vie is a Mexican music producer and sound engineer. He has joined us in a conversation about his newest release, Through EP, to also reflect on the current moment, and look forward to future projects

Your latest release is the two-tracker ’Through’ EP, what inspired it?
Indeed! The main idea behind “Through” was to dig deeper into high energy electronic and industrial soundscapes. Inspired by past experiences in the Portuguese coast and emotions from movies/shows such as Mulholland Drive, Joker and Dark, I started experimenting with unusual arpeggios, synthesizers, melodies and plugins in order to communicate the feelings and ideas floating in my head. “Through” was composed in the year 2020 during the pandemic.

You have currently been on an American tour, how has this experience been so far?
It’s been really amazing! After many months locked in the studio without seeing a lot of people during the pandemic it feels surreal to be back on stage now playing all the new tracks! I’m very grateful to be playing live again!

Any favourite moment or highlight to share from it?
I really enjoyed my New York show in late July. New York has always been my favorite place to play, it is the city where it all started for me so I’m always excited to go back and share my new tracks with the people that have been around supporting this project since the very beginning.

Performing in a ‘post-covid’ world, as well as travel, how is it different, are you ok with it?
It hasn’t been easy with all the restrictions, quarantines and travel bans in place that’s for sure. That said, I feel like in the past few months there’s been some major progress in that regard so hopefully events and traveling will go fully back to normal soon.

What track has been getting the best reactions on the dance floor, is ‘Heart’ a favourite?
I’d say “Heart” has definitely been getting some nice reactions from the crowd during my sets over the past months.

Do you have any more releases to share this year?
“Through” is actually my last release of the year but I have many new releases lined up for 2022. Will share some more info on this soon…

Are there any emerging artists you have been impressed with who you would like to share with us?
Definitely! I really like Massano, Kapoor, Hvitling, Solstice, Coeus, and Roze to name a few…