Hey Sean, great to speak with you today. Where are you based at the moment?
Hi guys, thanks for having me 🙂 I live in Tel Aviv, my hometown. For me, it’s probably the best city in the world. It’s so inspiring, open minded and full of electronic music events happening every day.

There may be some readers that aren’t so familiar with you. Can you tell us a bit about yourself?
I grew up on electronic music, and flew to a lot of festivals around the world from a young age. I was exposed to a lot of different artists and styles. At the age of 16, I really started performing in clubs in Israel and won a DJ competition. At the age of 23, I co-founded the “Monochrome” series events, which was a huge success. As a result, I began performing more and more throughout Israel and gained experience as a DJ. At the age of 24, Guy Gerber heard me play and invited me to move to Ibiza and became a resident at his famous party – Rumors.
When I returned from Ibiza after a season full of experiences and a real acquaintance with the profession, I started producing my own music and releasing it on labels such as: Rebellion of Damian Lazarus, Flying Circus of Audiofly and more. Shortly after, I started to tour and play around the world in: the United States, Mexico and Europe. About a year ago, in the middle of the pandemic I started working with a personal manager- Jon Flicks who also manages MAGA. I toured and played alongside Maga and Jon in Brazil, Argentina, Mexico and Guatemala with some of the top organizers and venues around. Maga and myself connected immediately and for over a year we built our new project with 3 other artists: SCENARIOS.
SCENARIOS- A Collective, Record Label and event series with Emanuel Satie, MAGA, Tim Engelhardt and Yulia Niko. Together, we are united in our shared beliefs, dynamic and outlook. We represent a new generation of artists that functions as a whole while still maintaining our individuality. In this way, we can truly grow as one.
The collective creates and implements a unique genre of music and offers an unparalleled event experience that characterizes our novel approach to the world of music and events. This is clearly showcased in our lively and detailed aesthetic; in branding and visual language, releases, event invitations, and the scenery and design of the events themselves.

We’re having a chat today as you have a new EP coming out titled Here To Stay. The EP is the first release from the new collective you have formed called Scenarios, consisting of yourself, Emanuel Satie, MAGA, Tim Engelhardt and Yulia Niko. What was the catalyst for forming this collective and what was the influence behind the EP?
“Here To Stay” is the first EP of SCENARIOS which includes two tracks we wrote in Lisbon together with Maga and Tim Engelhardt and an amazing singer and friend DUDDHA. When we worked together our goal was to create “music that stays”, a cross-genre collaboration. Timeless tracks that are not influenced by trends.

What’s the creative process like when producing as part of a collective? I can imagine it’s a lot different from producing solo.
The creative process is definitely different, and surprisingly good. Before we all met together in the studio, of course there were concerns because each of us has different tastes and working methods, but we realized that it is actually more effective to work together when 5 minds meet together – the process becomes more musically interesting and fun in the studio. Personally for me when I work alone, I would like to get an opinion from someone else and when we are all together we can only learn from each other.

Have you got any favorite pieces of equipment you use?
I really love to use “SUBBOOMBASS” for bass and Arturia dx7 for pads.

What can we expect from Scenarios for the rest of the year?
Lots of new music we wrote together and separately and a series of exciting events in our favorite cities around the world.

Things seem to be going back to normal finally and events are back up and running. Where can we expect to see you in the next coming months?
I have upcoming shows in Lisbon, Tel Aviv, Paris, Ibiza, Istanbul, Los Angeles, New York, Mexico, Brazil and many more TBA.