The Alexsander, a Swedish DJ and Producer has an intense but mysterious aura associated with his identity and music. He’s on record as saying his inspirations comes from the likes of Hans Zimmer and Michelangelo; we got to know the low-key artist some more ahead of his next release (Her Crown EP) on his very own Hypnotic Rhythm imprint.

The Alexsander’s ‘Her Crown’ EP is available via Beatport

How has this year started for you, with cautious optimism?
It’s been a calm start for me, with some unexpected delays on the releases, but I’m happy now to start releasing again. I hope we will be able to do some events and keep the community in electronic music alive and excited worldwide.

When did you first start producing music, what were your influences?

I started playing guitar and piano at a yearly age, then started making music for fun at the age of 15. During that time, I was growing up in the suburbs of Stockholm, same areas as Steve Angello and Sebastian Ingrosso, after seeing them locally on gigs and on the streets, and then growing up seeing them succeeding.

That inspired me to go for it. My music inspiration at that time was Moby, Daft Punk, Chemical Brothers and Jean M Jarre, these acts that got my attention to make electronic music. My first ever electronic track I ever heard was Oxygen pt 4 by Jean-Michel Jarre at age of 5.

What would you like to see change when the music industry is back to full speed?
More live acts and visual performances and experiences. Think we have a great start to innovate a very old fashioned industry and the change needs to be in and for the artists.
Without us there wouldn’t be an industry, equality for everyone who’s serious about their craft.

The ‘Her Crown’ release is an incredible production and it comes with some top remixes, how did these come to fruition?
One of the main things with the label is to lift up new talents, most of them I already have around me, some I find via my network or soundcloud. I always try to have a diverse selection of remixes so we can reach more djs to play out the label releases. So far it worked and this is something we’re gonna continue to focus on.

Tell us about how you work in the studio, do you always approach each track with the same mentality?
No, I always try to innovate in my sound but keep the red thread. Usually I have an idea or heard/ seen something that inspires me for the track, then I keep that feeling and the vision of how it sounds until I get into the studio. Sometimes a start with some easy synth sounds to get the feeling out then the drums and percussion to match the vibe im looking for.

Your music has a blend of electronic, with organic and melodic sounds, has your style always been like this?
I have been changing my style a bit, but always keep a progressive style with some melodic sounds. I’m going back more and more to disco and organic sounds, and classic synth sounds that have a timeless feel to it.

Please share a release you have listened to recently and can’t get enough of.

Where in the world would you like to perform once things are open?
Ibiza, there’s no place like Ibiza for electronic music on this planet!

What does the future hold for The Alexsander in terms of the next projects?
I got a few vocal releases lineup, a collaboration with In Lakech, more solo releases, movie score inspired EP + video, a special live stream and more to be announced soon..

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