Tom Wax and Dennis Hill, who have collaborated on the latest IAMT release, titled ‘No Wasted Time’, speak exclusively with Techno Mood about their Summer plans, projects they’ve been working across and how the latest release could be a track to save the dancefloor!

IAMT is home to the latest release from Dennis and Tom titled ‘No Wasted Time’:

How are you both, what have you been up to over the past year?
Dennis: In case of the Covid-19 pandemic I was full time working from home. Otherwise I was making some music and of course watching Netflix and studying at the weekend.

Tom Wax: Since March 2020, the month of the first lockdown here in Germany, I produce music like hell. I have a release nearly each week on different labels, with different production partners and with different projects. I´m not a big fan of those DJ live streams and so I decided to let my music performances speak in this strange time.

Why did you decide to work together, how did you first come to know each other?
Dennis/Tom Wax: I think we have known each other for about 10 or 12 years. The first time we DJed together was Tom’s birthday party in 2017. After this event I asked him if he could teach me music production. And the first tracks we produced together were released in 2018. And yeah of course working together is quite simple, because we are living in the same town, Tom has much experience in music production and taught me everything I know now.

You both bring something individual to the collaboration, can you tell us more about how the music came together?
Dennis/ Tom Wax: I had the idea with the vocalist and asked him for his opinion. We collected ideas in Tom´s studio and worked it out properly. It always starts with a little idea, a beat or a melody and then the magic happens.

In the studio what’s your favourite tools and techniques to utilise?
Tom Wax: My favourite tools always change, but at the moment I love to work with Sonic Academy ANA2 and all the Soundtoys FX Plugs.

Do you have similar tastes and personalities or is it a case of opposites attract?
Dennis: I think it is the mix. The experience and maybe my new ideas, that I get by listening to a lot of music. We both love Techno and so it’s easy to get together soundwise, but Tom needs new idea input, because he works on a track nearly every day.

In your local scenes, can you tell us how It looks there and what progress is being made to get things back to normal?
Dennis: At the moment restaurants and bars have opened again. The federal government offers everyone the opportunity to get vaccinated now without priority. The Covid-19 cases are currently down everyday and maybe we can enjoy all freedom again in Germany from autumn and clubs might open in autumn as well.

Please each of you share one track that is considered to be ultimate for you, one to save the Dancefloor?
Dennis: I think our release NO WASTED TIME will be the one to save the Dancefloor 😉
Tom Wax: AWeX – It’s Our Future!

What other projects do you have lined up for the future?
Dennis: I have a lot of open projects I have to finaliz, but nowadays we can play tennis again, meet friends and watch the European soccer champhionships . So we will see how and when the project will be finalized.
Tom Wax: On my label Phuture Wax I release a lot of great remixes of my DRIVEN BY PASSION album tracks by great artists like Robert Babicz, Sisko Electrofantik, Jam El Mar, Rico Puestel, Balthazar & JackRock, Dolby D., Sikora, MIjk Van Dijk, Samuel L. Session and others. 2 EPs on Rhythm Distrikt / Toolroom are in the release pipeline. Cooperations with Ben Champell, Tabis & Dawn, Dolby D. & Dr. Motte are scheduled already and many other releases & remixes will be out soon.