Hi to both of you, where are you both based at the moment?

Trip Tease: Mexico City
Kris Berle: I’m based between Mexico City and Valle de Bravo, a forest 1:30 hours away from the city.

What inspired and influenced the “Shades” EP? And what and who has inspired you both as artists?

Trip Tease: Lots of Lo-Fi House and Techno, some Indie Music and nostalgic/reamy atmospheres.
Kris Berle: What inspired me to create the EP was Trip Tease studio. I felt the lo fi sound came out a lot because of the place we produced it, a bunker in a hidden shade with broken speakers. Many things have inspired me as an artist, from Picasso to Paul Stamets (the most brilliant mycologist.)

Do you have a favourite track from the EP? and why?

Trip Tease: Mine is “Clouds”, it has a very special dreamy and good vibe to it, I love the melodies and the sound.

Kris Berle: My favorite track of the EP is “Red”. I love the vibe of it, I feel like travelling in a train when I listen to it. It’s a song full of dark energy pierced by an upward movement of hope.

Apart from collaborating together, who would be your dream partner in the studio? and for what reasons?

Trip Tease: Well, DJ Seinfeld or Baltra would be amazing haha, I love their textures, harmonies, how they use samples, atmospheres etc. There would be so much to learn
Kris Berle: At this moment of my life, it would be a dream for me to work with Vladimir Dubyshkin. I find his techno unique and full of personality. He is a genius!

Can we expect more Trip Tease & Kris Berle releases? Anything you also have planned as solo artists you can tell us about?

Trip Tease: Sure! We would love to do a live show with the ep songs and Also néw music. I am currently finishing a set of songs that would be my next album or a few eps, depending on the label it goes out on.
Kris Berle: I think so. We have some unfinished tracks that we would like to work on. 🙂 Right now I’m remixing my album that will be released as solo singles on different labels. Still a way to go. :/

What has been your favourite gig of all time?

Trip Tease: Opening HVOB was amazing, I did a live show with some unreleased music and it was amazing.
Kris Berle: Mayan Warrior 2017

Kris Berle – Mayan Warrior – Burning Man – 2017 from Mayan Warrior on Vimeo.